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Stumbled upon the boat while crawling in the dungeons of The Elder Scrolls: Arena. And the boat was actually usable! Cool!
Xenobusters 2 ...aka XCOM 2 continued

Man, beating the chosen felt easier with each fight. Definitely helped that I had better gear and using his own compatriots' weapons against the warlock in the last fight. Didn't even receive a single graze shot. Afterwards, I finally got around studying and building the special suits, which tend to look a little silly. The Icarus is the perfect sniper suit. Much more versatile than the standard spider one.
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Xenobusters: The Prequel ...aka XCOM: Enemy Unkown

Since it's been a good while since I played the XCOM remake I wanted to see how well it compares to my just finished run of XCOM 2. Well, that was just supposed to be a test, but I just happened to keep playing the campaign instead. It's also the first time I really bothered playing with the Enemy Within expansion (beyond the first few missions). While it does seem a bit simpler it also seems to be overall more challenging, especially in the beginning. I made the decision not to save-scum (for the first time ever?) even though I'm not on Ironman mode. It makes the gameplay more tense, which is a good thing actually, and the general flow is also smoother.

I completely bungled some of my opening missions. I thought: " Yeah, this first abduction mission is going to be easy." Well, my entire squad got wiped, including some of the better soldiers I had at the time. Then, after building up my troops again I come across the chryssalid infestation mission. That turned out pretty bad, too. I totally forgot they turned dead troops/humans into zombies; it's just been a long time since I lost someone to them. Once again, I lost all my better squaddies except for my sniper who was far enough away from the initial swarm that she could barely escape with a mission win - she now is my top-tier sniper, dropping fools left and right. Or that one time a perfectly good rocket strike would have obliterated an enemy group... just to veer of course and kill one of my only two support guys instead. Doh!

I also lost India and Australia early on with how badly things were going. That didn't help the money-department either, so it took quite a while to claw my way back. Things are looking up now though. I'm getting a decent amount of funding, the general panic level is manageable, and I haven't lost any troops in a while. *knocks on wood* Not that there weren't chances of that happening along the way. Every so often when I gain too much confidence I will activate a new group of enemies with one of my last turn actions while mopping up another group, and through some luck and grit managed to get through those. I don't think I ever used smoke grenades this much. They sure come in quite handy. ;)
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Mr.Mumbles: ...
Yeah, I also found that avoiding save scumming makes for a much more fun and tense game :) On a next playthrough I will probably try the same since I also tend to chicken out with the save scumming eventually :P

Or sometimes in something like Xenonauts, due to the length of some of the missions, I would tell myself that I am allowed one save anywhere in the level :)
Exploring the galaxy in Stellaris.

1. Isn't it comforting?

2. My AI assistant is a little racist.

3. Armageddon averted!

4. 10/10 customer service, would deal again.
Is there life after DW2 ..
well yes,
but... we do hope those blokes never manage to optimize, perfect and expand on that particular title.

In the mean time,

a return to ME. as the iconic femshep no less ;)

and some nice surprises in Homnm V , Heaven...

I mean of course, disciples liberation. I most certainly enjoy the new road this game has turned in to. Nice story, graphics to match.... Seduced a werewolf into helping me escape a impossible prison.... what's more to like? and will that particular choice come back and bite me in the back

Xenobusted! ...aka XCOM: Enemy Unknown beat

Sorry, folks. Looks like I was the cause for Advent. Whoopsie daisy! I would love to say I never reloaded once, but... in the very last fight my "chosen one" got killed since half my squad ended up being mind-controlled. Damn. Oh well. Kind of a BS fight when you don't know exactly what you're walking into - it's been long enough since I last played I didn't remember anything about it - so I called a do-over on that one. Thankfully, I actually happened to save right before it. Up till then I only lost two more soldiers and one country.

Should have invested in MECs waaaay sooner. Those things kick ass. The highest rank the two I had at the end was only Cpt. Also, figures that my top-soldier sniper lady that was the longest survivor ended up sacrificing herself.

Anyway, that was a good run. The Enemy Within expansion adds quite a bit of variety even if those extraction missions get a bit repetitive. There were only handful of maps that I noticed that were used more than once in my ~40 hour run.
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After more than 25 years I still got it. I still know how to wreck my fighter...
I've played (and replayed) every single "main" game in the Prince of Persia series. All of them. And I've got loads of screenshots and videos to prove it.

*Yay, I finally have a YouTube channel. But this shit, recording and editing/rendering videos, sucks the life out of me...*
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Enjoying my Wang.

Ouch! Wait! Where did she kept that?

Shadow Warrior Classic Complete using Raze source port.
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Playing for the first time the secret missions because they were never released on the Amiga. Damn are they hard. And the mission I'm now flying is especially unfair because your are fighting five Rapiers at the same time. How the fuck did the Kilrathi get them?
A sour back gave way to the possibility of diving into the backlog in a somewhat more meaningful manner ;p

First Steps into Railway Empire, the game looks absolutely fabulous.

Also been following some weird YT lines of viewing. Next to falling in love with some kpop's girls band visual explanation of the word 'rollin' (twice(in america)) I also stumbled upon some most expected x in 2022 stuff, and this lead me on the trail of this expected 2022 railroad game, sweet transit.

Check out the trailer here ---->

or follow a hands on first look ----- here ----->
Taking a Dralthi II for a ride in the Secret Missions 2.
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Time to play Wing Commander II for the first time.
Replaying Warcraft 3 with the Czech voice over to brush up on my memories. It's been probably over 15 years since I last played it and not the English version. The game itself is the pure 1.0 release version (no patches). Still works fine out of the box at a crisp 1920x1440 resolution. One unfortunate side-effect is that the localization also remapped the hotkeys, so things like attack move is on "Z" or Hold Position is on "Ů" key (which is basically next to the enter key so really not usable) and can't be remapped, making it a bit more difficult than it should be :)

Will do the same for The Frozen Throne (also with czech dub).
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