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Playing Vaporum: Lockdown.

Picture 1: Damn lazy workers...
Picture 2: The submarine I need to repair to escape this hellhole.
Picture 3: Why repair something when you can buy a new one?
1st purple Black Friday deal of the week.....


more to come, including but not excluded to,

meditation cushion
Just finished Vaporum: Lockdown.

Picture 1: Looks like Poison Ivy was here...
Picture 2: Sorry, I've no funny description for this one.
Doing a bit of achievement hunting in Kingdom: Rush Origins. Just got 'LET IT BLEED!', and now onwards to 'SUPREME DEFENDER' by beating the game on veteran.
Played Stirring Abyss and finished it on easy difficulty. Don't know whether it was because of the difficulty setting or the design of the game but it wasn't as interesting as I hoped.
More Godfall

While beautiful, the game as of yet has me not convinced about its quality level. Is it mediocre? Is it bad? Might the game be actually good. Actually there is not a lot to rate since with games in this genre we all might expect a degree of opponent variety, graphical quality, story telling, loot variety which only leaves the gameplay aspect and that, well with this title i don't have that same grip with the action as that shooter variants such as Anthem or Outriders offer. It could be me of course since maybe i had a similar feeling with For Honor, so maybe 3d person melee action/looters are just not my type but even with that option set in the back of my mind.... It is not there, yet.....
Finally got the last two achievements in Kingdom Rush Frontiers, so now for a bit of a tower defense break before I move onto the final game: Vengeance

- Tried all skellies in one level, including the hero.
- Penultimate achievement on the one endless level
- Final achievement
- As far as I got in the Temple of Evil endless level : Incredible chaos in the other Endless level, which actually resulted in some lag!
Playing Warhammer 40000: Mechanicus.

Warhammer 1 prologue

Lost Stories
Engaged in a brutal war for Gladius Prime.

One side I have the orcs, and on the other chaos space marines. As is I am just barely holding on, but thankfully as I'm doing so my hero units, along with the rest of my troops are gaining valuable experience.

- A warboss that was giving me trouble, which I finally dispatched when he reared his ugly mug in the forest bordering a valley I had reinforced.
- Got em!
- I had chaos on the backfoot, until these blasted heldrakes appeared. They have the ability to one-shot my experienced devastator squads, which I can ill afford to lose. The only way I can kill them before they fly away from each hit-and-run, is to make sure that I have a captain/chaplain in range of its target. Their protective halos mean that the targeted unit can survive a heldrake encounter. Then, provided most of my army is in range, I can barely kill it. At least it provides a good chunk of xp.
- Fortunately I just researched hunters, so if I can field at least 2, I should be able to kill these heldrakes more easily.

At present my entire army is trying to drive chaos from a resource point to the west of my city, with most of the fighting taking place in a ruined city. If the orcs were on my case as well then I would probably be done for, but luckily I think they've got their hands full with a necron incursion.
got_em.jpg (464 Kb)
heldrake.jpg (465 Kb)
hunter.jpg (389 Kb)
Playing a newly released dragon fighting game (Century: Age of Ashes) and... it's going quite well! The game has its flaws, but in overall it's good once you get used to the controls. Think of it like Divinity 2 when you gain the ability to turn into a dragon. The difference is that you play against other players. Maybe it's not a game to which I would dedicate a few hours per day, but it gets the job done when you play it in smaller doses (2-3 matches per day).
Good news from the front (if you're rooting for the Imperium of Man that is)

- With some clever maneuvering I managed to surround an over enthusiastic squad of obliterators and havoc chaos space marines, and promptly killed both. Huge xp gain,
- The havocs presumably panicked at the sight of the chaplain, a truly scary hero, and foolishly tried to make a break for it across the open in front of my fortress city. The defenses effortlessly cut them down.
- My squad of apothecaries actually managed to land the killing blow on one of the heldrakes xD
- Finally managed to destroy the chaos city after what must've been a 30+ turn battle.
- And finally we get to see a heldrake geting acquainted with a hunter. Notice the lack of a chaos city, as well as my brand new fortress of redemption to capture the recaf leaf deposit (giving a city wide boost to production)

I'm playing on very hard difficulty, and so far the enemy factions clearly have a tech, resource advantage and, annoyingly base unit experience advantage. However luckily my hero units have all survived and grown fat on xp from defeated chaos and ork units. This has given me an ever strengthening bulwark against the powerful enemy advances. If I had relied only on regular units I would've been dead by now.
Both fronts seem to be under control now, for the time being at least, since the emperor only knows what scary things are moving to the front as I try to regroup. I'm going to try and push back both fronts now, very carefully, and always ready to strategically retreat. I just need to requisition another chaplain, so that I can have a captain and chaplain on each front.
finally.jpg (369 Kb)
My pet project is slowly taking off, still very humble with 45k residents. Enabled the municipal bussing principle removing the overflow of luxury products in one city by making it easy for the middle class residents of another town to reach those products. Also the production overflow in that city manages to reach one city quite nicely... for now that is. The 3d city is the start of a exclusive living area where everyone will need to be transported to either of the city's to reach their needs and wants.
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Several tries and a couple of hours later.... Finally!

Now to remember to create distance once the fat lady sings. I belief every penny counts in the campaign.

Ultimate Generals - DreadNoughts

Naval Academy, day 2
ugd_1.jpg (405 Kb)
ugd_4.jpg (284 Kb)
ugd_5.jpg (351 Kb)
The new NWN EE character and weapon models look gorgeous! If you combine it with the new lighting system that was introduced some time ago, the game looks better than ever. Beamdog was criticized in the past that there was not enough changes in the EE. Now such an opinion is completely undeserved.
nwn_ee_01.jpg (493 Kb)
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nwn_ee_03.jpg (488 Kb)