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lanipcga: And it's back to Diablo 2. My new Fishymancer, Perisher, made his way through Act 1 and is about to descend into the depths of the Palace in Act 2. One of the most grueling parts of Normal difficulty is making it all the way to the Halls of the Dead without being able to cube chipped gems, rejuvenation potions, etc. When I finally got my Horadric Cube, I gleefully upgraded everything until my backpack was freed up.

I'm currently playing with a trackpad, and it's hard. There's no way I'd play this on Hardcore.
Playing Diablo 2 with a trackpad? O.o

I've been tempted for some time to jump back into it. Got as far as a lvl71 barbarian last I played (hell back in highschool I believe) but kind of want to create a proper skeleton army necromancer.
Vythonaut: Having lots of fun in the '67 F2 category; these cars are considerably faster than the '65 F1 cars but they aren't any more difficult to drive, even in lines you wouldn't normally choose with the '67 F1 beasts.
Seems like a pretty long game :) How do you feel about more 'standard' racers like those with a rally or street-racing theme? I suppose the best racer I've ever played was 'Most Wanted' or 'NFS underground 2'. Or perhaps Star Wars ep I racer come to think of it.
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tinyE: Using a CD?
My laptop lacks a CD drive, but I already registered my game keys on my Bnet account a few years ago. Except for the fact that I need a new mousepad, their Mac OS wrapper works like a charm.

Matewis: Playing Diablo 2 with a trackpad? O.o
It's so annoying. Even picking up gold piles is difficult. I have a spare mouse, but my old busted-up mousepad needs to be replaced.
Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead and it is glorious. Here I am standing outside of my shelter looking at my firepit. Apart from a broken leg which I just put a splint on, things are going fairly ok. I've nearly rid the small nearby town of zombies, especially after I found a working cop car and ran over several of them before the engine fell out :P
The biggest problem is a lack of a reliable water source. At the moment I'm taking a 2 liter pot with me to the town each time to fill with toilet water, which I boil before drinking. I need to look for a working vehicle to go and look for a possible base close to a river/marsh. Or failing that I have to somehow try and fix an existing vehicle in town. I found a few working ones, but their tires were stolen. With the proper tools I might be able to take off some tires off of the other vehicles. A bonus would be to get a bus working. A bus has great durability for running over scores of zombies and other monsters. Not to even mention getting a military APC working. I think I saw one in town one night.

- screenshot is 'tile'-less graphics. There are various tilesets but I prefer the default ascii version.
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Tinkering. :)
well... that was quick...
Matewis: Seems like a pretty long game :) How do you feel about more 'standard' racers like those with a rally or street-racing theme? I suppose the best racer I've ever played was 'Most Wanted' or 'NFS underground 2'. Or perhaps Star Wars ep I racer come to think of it.
GPL can be as long as you want it to be (you can even make a season that contains all 500+ tracks released so far, even though it may take years to complete it; not exactly "a season") and as with every sim (racing or flight), the replayability is endless.

About the more "standard" racing games (arcade and such), i have mixed feelings about them; there are some arcade-y games that i actually enjoyed, but i don't usually spend much time with arcade racers in general because i don't find them as engaging as racing simulations. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that i enjoy riding motorcycles (on road & in track) and generally driving as a hobby rather than only as a means for commuting, and this reflects to what i expect to see in a racing game, especially after all the experience i've gained in real life.

Anyway, if you're curious about some arcadey games that i've enjoyed, here's a list (i played quite a lot of racing games in PSX back then, but i forget the titlenames of almost all of them):

☆ Gran Turismo 1, 2, 3
☆ Colin McRae Rally 1, 2
☆ 4x4 Evolution
☆ Wipeout 2097 & Pulse
☆ FlatOut

Regarding the NFS series, i used to play the older ones (such as Hot Pursuit) back in the day, but i find the newer ones uninteresting. I recently tried Most Wanted when i visited my parents (my father is an avid gamer) and i didn't like it at all. And as for the Star Wars Racer, i remember myself having lots of fun with the Dreamcast version (along with a game called Hydrothunder, if i recall the name correctly) and being speechless of its graphics.

Having said that, at the end of the day i'm still returning to GPL, NR2003, P&G3, RBR and GP Bikes. (Too many acronyms, i know. :P)
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Played around with the FF XV Benchmark. Uploaded the images to Abload since they're way too big for GOG, and I hated how Imgur compressed them.


Food Porn

Exploring (Due to a Glitch)

No graphically options to choose from except the resolution (720p, 1080p and 4K) and set modes (Lite, Standard, and High). Not exactly a stable 30 FPS at 4K High (dropped to the low 20s during heavy scenes), but I was kind of surprised my computer kept up somewhat decently. Playing it at 1080P High gave me 60 FPS with dips here and there, and Lite mode (which looks like butt) is 100+. It's no Witcher 3 by any stretch in terms of graphics, but I guess compared to the original PS4 port (Non-Pro version) it's...better?
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I've been testing in Elder Scrolls Online since early Closted Beta. I continue to enjoy the game...and constantly find/report bugs. Lately, I've been finding a lot of boundary holes! -)

playing a weekly challenge on a FB group:
Those demonic bastards. Nobody slaughters our harem girls...and lives!
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What a bad way to end the season...
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what is that?
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tinyE: what is that?