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Hunting Dark Jedi....
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The Adventures of Space Boid! ...aka Starbound

Decided to pick this up with the special extra discount this sale. Not bad so far. I was kinda in the zone just spelunking on the same planet for like 5 hours straight in the beginning. Yeah, I overdid it a bit. ;) Now I'm actually doing quests and stuff, burninating stuff with my new shiny fire spear, and system-hopping in my rickety and dinky spaceship. :) Good times.

The first time my character automatically equipped a gnome building as a hat I though it was a glitch. I'm still unsure why that is a thing. *shrug* That said, I like the two layers of clothing my player character has. One for the actual stat boosts and the other just for appearance. I kind of wish every game with customizable armor had that feature.
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Puyo Puyo? In my Sonic? It's more likely than you think.
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Grargar: Puyo Puyo? In my Sonic? It's more likely than you think.
Well, the Sega Genesis Mini has both Sonic and Puyo Puyo. It also has Tetris.
Dark Jedies are more and more annoying...
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for the simpler minds

their even worse then Spartans !

After 8 turns i'm already at war with 7 different tribes and have fought 4 major battles
The unit description for this particular lady, warrior queen i mean, points out that the emphasis lies on damage dealing and not on staying power << E.G. the difference between wielding a sword and spear or a doublehanded Axe
A horde faction, sleeping in the wild and no permanent resource solutions for metal and wood ( though funny enough bronze and food are somehow in abundance.. must be the male slaves )

and, for me a first, the Radious mod which promises a lot of tactical and strategical a.i. improvements
the only thing i can say about the mod is that in those 4 battles i had a lot of fun and yes, the a.i. showed some sense of tactics but nothing out of the ordinary though it is hard to say since 3 battles had a lot of micromanaging, 2 smaller armies surrounding ... which all 3 i cheesed by setting up my whole force by the entre point of one of the reinforcing enemy armies , which felt quite amazonic imho tbh

troy total war
Well, and after 3 hours the holy bloodied Ares deemed us unworthy .....

I failed to connect some dots such as the abundance of food to my disposal and the possibility of raising another army

Still good fun! for a free game ;-p

Penthesilea .... the death

<< the fight shown in the picture was not my undoing, they needed a lot more men for that to happen
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Holy parallax scrolling, Blasphemous is gorgeous.
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modded homnm 4 ( full HD mod ) , loving it so much


sights of andromeda part VII : Icy caverns exploring on Voeld

all those protruding bumps are different weapons, currently packing a handgun, a shotgun, a sniper rifle and a modified uzi/mini grenade launcher. the youtube channel girls with guns got me inspired
sights of Andromeda part VIII : The mysterious side of Voeld
Finally solved Dark Mara problem. All Dark Forces could be great games, but controls are just terrible.
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The Hugging Simulator... aka Spiritfarer

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Mr.Mumbles: The Hugging Simulator... aka Spiritfarer

the shots you made are pretty convincing arguments by them selves to at least wishlist the game @ineedhigstoo


Sights of Andromeda part IX : Goodbye to Voeld

As any traveler knows there is a start and a beginning to a journey. While both can be faced in a multitude of feelings and directions there is ultimately one truth that holds for any journey how short or ever long.

Parking spots! A good trip can't do without a good parking spot and let me tell you, Voeld has those in ample supply
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Starry night in Risen.
"You expected Dusk! But it was me, Descent!"
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