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One of my favorite easter eggs in Wasteland 1.

By the way, anyone know what the remaster does here? (In particular, does anyone have a screenshot of the corresponding message in the remaster?)

(I remember there being an Apple 2GS here, so it's quite possible that the message might be different for each classic version.)
Trying to finally finish Don't Starve: RoG properly. I've already gone through all of the sandbox content, so now only Adventure mode remains. I'm now on the penultimate world of adventure mode, and *touch wood* it's going good so far. Just constructed a meat effigy, and now I have to build tons of drying racks: I need a big stack of jerky for the final world.
My Swine 1st Infantry Core on the move. Mission: destroy clockwork garrison guarding the Wooden Thing.
MORDHEIM: City of the Damned
"A nice day to die. Or maybe live a little longer..."
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KING'S BOUNTY - Crossworlds
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Finally finished Don't Starve RoG - small album from playthrough:
Again, Silent Hunter 3 with GWX 3.0 mod.

I was just patroling my sector, south of Malta on Meds, when I noticed some lights and explosions on northern horizon. Turns out, it was German AI conducting bombing air raid against British AI in La Valletta. Some poor cargo guy was caught on recieving end of bomb delivery that night...
I must say, I'm definetely impressed - I'm using this mod for good couple of years now and in theory I knew that there are some pretty advanced AI scripts and interactions coded there, but it was the first time I've actually seen one really happening.
Tried to sneak into a port after that, but due to shallow water was quickly spotted and fended off by coastal batteries; I decided that going into a gunfight with my single 88 mm against numerous 150 mm guns is not a wise idea. :)

But that deviation from patrol route was not completely in vain, since I intercepted a big cargo vessel just a few kilometers away and quickly dispatched it with two T2's set to detonate below her keel. She didn't put much of the fight, but I must admit that she wnet down with the Red Ensign still waving proudly from the mast.
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Just a bit of Dragon Wars hacking.

There are two unusual things going on in this image:
1. Wrath of Mithras is not a spell that can be found anywhere in the game. It does, however, work as described in the manual. (The same is true of the other two unobtainable spells.)
2. This character has no skill in Sun Magic (and therefore shouldn't be able to learn the spell in the first place). Wrath of Mithras is a spell that can be cast with power up to twice the character's skill level, which in this case is 0, and the game isn't programmed to handle it correctly, so the attack somehow does maximum damage (after a delay when the game calculates the damage it should deal).
After quite a while I was in the mood for waging war on the Argon = Play X3:Albion Prelude with the Terran Commander start. I want to give all starts a proper chance and play them for a bit at least until the starting conditions do not matter anymore. The game is very much what you make of it and you can get there with any start but some starting conditions are harder or take longer to turn into something completely different if you choose to do so.

In the beginning I worked on my standing with the Terran (Aldrin and ATF included) and made enough money that I could sell my starting ship and buy a Springblossom, a seriously fast M6 ship. I have stayed enemies with the Argon so far and keep attacking their ships. Today I finally managed to board a TM. It was a Zephyrus but I tried many others which all died either to too much fire from me or from colliding with me, BOOM.

The Springblossom is awful as a ship for capturing other ships as they keep ramming into my WINGS... WHY does the ship need wings when it never enters the athmosphear. It was nice that the ship was so nimble when attempting boarding other ships but the wings hitting the ships really went on my nerves. I think I have cursed more today than during the previous 365 days altogether.
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It's a long way to the top.
Whispers of a Machine
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Just started this last night. Liking it so far.

Edit: Apparently, GOG Galaxy is not letting me post pictures... FIXED, just had to resave it as jpg I guess.
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ZiTheBookishGamer: Just started this last night. Liking it so far.

Edit: Apparently, GOG Galaxy is not letting me post pictures... FIXED, just had to resave it as jpg I guess.
Yes, had the same problem, even with jpg files. In fact, it's not the format that matters, but the picture must weigh less than 500 Ko

(Nice screenshot, by the way :)
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SHERLOCK HOLMES - Crimes and Punishments
"Footprints? That's your proof?"
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"Where did this dog come from?"
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