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Er, oops. It's a miracle no-one got killed!
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Matewis: Er, oops. It's a miracle no-one got killed!
I would imagine a few hundred ants would beg to differ. :P
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Built a little hover bee type ship to fly around the KSP complex and gather science data from all the buildings. Never knew every buiding and the ground around are like mini-biomes. Gather I think about 60 science this way. Crazy difficult to control the little bugger tho
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Playing Morrowind, no mods. Trying to finish it this time. So much to explore, still stuck on low level stuff, but still find some rough moments, like the guy with Lord Mail (aka best armor in the game).

Came for mushroom picking, found silly dagger that sell for absurd amount of coins.
Beside feeding Creeper with money I have to check a wiki for better seller....

That Doom mod is Inquisitor 2, a single map for GZDoom.
It's a part of the trilogy, sort of.
It's pretty good, even though I'm not a fan of Hexen/Heretic games (beside Heretic2).

Inquisitor3 should be better but good riddance escaping from the forest - it's just a clutter....
Amazing game...
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I really wish TDU and TDU 2 were available for purchase again. These games are absolute gems and there haven't been many games to fill in the gap for games with TDU's style.
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Is this an actual idiom?
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Sounds similar to some sayings in Finnish.
I'm an angry killing machine in DOOM (Steam, 2016). This game is super fast, brutal, and in its own way... pretty (:P)
The majority of my colony in colonization, taken a few turns before I won the war for independence.
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Two Point Hospital

I have to build in the middle of a jungle.
No walls, no foundation, I just start plopping shit down in the a clearing. :P

I'm guessing this isn't going to be the most hygienic hospital in the world.
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Tried out D3's starter edition. Incredible disappointment :(
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Forgot where I left off so started with a fresh Stick of Truth run. Two interesting closets:
closet_1.jpg (368 Kb)
closet_2.jpg (413 Kb)
Now what's this hole?