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Viktor, a Steampunk Adventure
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Surprisingly, Baba is you is just a small twinkle.

Baba website.
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Plokite_Wolf: Viscera Cleanup Detail

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especially if you've played all the games it uses.
One more bump for War Inc..

War Inc. is a real time strategy game, featuring tech research for components used to build your own combat units. Set in the future where private security forces have evolved into a corporate world police force, you run the company 'Granite'; one of the leading such mercenary corporations. The game includes a stock market, R&D area, and weapons design interfaces. Build your army to your specification, and dominate the competition.

It's one of the better C&C clones, you design your own units, make money on the stock market etc. etc.
Forged of Blood

is a great looking turn-based tactical RPG. They ran a Kickstarter years ago that failed to reach its goal but are releasing the game anyway. Open beta is next month.

Sign up for beta:

Steam page:
Two games by Double Fine

Costume Quest 2

And the upcoming Psychonauts 2
bhrigu: Two games by Double Fine

Costume Quest 2

And the upcoming Psychonauts 2
It's a crying shame the direct sequel spinoff for PS4(IIRC) is VR ONLY. :\

As for me: This game has 415 votes but it's been on the list for over 7 years and isn't here yet:

Chicken Police

Vagrus - The Riven Realms

Moss Destruction

The Padre
I'm not sure if I posted it here already (sorry if I did), but.. Untitled Goose Game!
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Yubi Yubi Runner

Japanese indie game developed in Unity.

Similar to Clustertruck except that you're in control of a stylized disembodied hand (and a bit of forearm) auto-running on your index and middle fingers through obstacle courses made of school desks, chairs, pencils, erasers, and other desktop-related objects.

Twitter: @NenlNen
(includes a couple short clips of the game in action)


A hypnotic video game about music, geometry and flow.

Drone Swarm


Fight Knight

Death Trash

A modern post-apocalyptic role-playing game with action elements and a focus on the narrative and dialogue. A world of cyberpunk, science fiction, horror, the grotesque and trash-talk humor.
(Incredibly awesome pixel art, character customization, realtime combat, a dialogue system which allows you to BE LIKE HAN and start shooting when you feel like, item crafting, psi powers, local co-op.)


A rhythm adventure from a new perspective

Soundtrack by Makeup and Vanity Set (Brigador)

Songs of Conquest

Songs of Conquest is a turn based single player game where you build a kingdom, raise armies and control powerful magicians called wielders. You’ll quest around for loot, fight monsters, optimize build orders and strategies to pick off the enemy teams.

Secret Service (2008)

Funhaus gameplay