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Not enough time in your schedule to fit everything you'd like to do, yet you still want to be able to find your next favorite game to relax for a while? Today is the day it can finally happen!

Back in October, first users were able to experience the new & improved game catalog on GOG as we've started slowly rolling it out. After testing its performance and gathering feedback, we're ready to unleash it to everyone, starting right now!

We understand that among the more than 5500 titles in the catalog, searching for the game that fits your current needs or discovering the gems that will defy your expectations can be a time-consuming hassle. So thanks to the new catalog you can carry out more customized searches, adding ways to sort and filter games via price range, genres, release date range, and a newly introduced tags system.

The release of the new catalog on GOG doesn't mean we're stopping here. We will be improving it further – yes, sorting by "all-time bestsellers" is coming! And hey, do you have a very specific need, some particular accessibility request, or do you just want to help us help you? Let us know how you like the new catalog in the comments, and share your ideas for what we could bring along.
•The filters for things like genre and feature should act as a combination of the selections. If I select "shooters" and then select "co-op" and "controller support", I don't want to see the listings for every game that may include one of those three options, I want 'shooters that have co-op and controller support' only. Sort of like how 'tags' work, it seems. If not the default filtering, it should be an option to toggle 'and/or' (which is how it seems to work now), 'and', and 'or' for how filtering criteria work.

•Developer/Publisher name should be searchable criteria, which currently it is not.

•DLC and Demos store entries are not currently, based on the store of 3:20pmEST, excludable from search results.

•In the "details' result layout, the specific search criteria (features, genre, tags, etc) should be displayed for each title. Features can use the icons from the game page - genre and tags as a text listing.

•Move the icon for 'pre-order', 'in library', 'wishlisted' on the game result in order to accommodate the details layout I listed above if need be. Possibly to the far right of the listing, above the cart option

•Allow blocking based on filter options. Tie it to user accounts if necessary.
Basically the reverse of my first request. If i hate a specific genre or tag, allow me to block those results altogether.

Just a few thoughts based on some time playing with the options. It's almost there but not quite.
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Nothing of note has really improved, it's still as difficult/impossible to list exactly what you want and to exclude what you don't want, such as for instance list new DLC:s for owned games, not list different editions of owned games, not list demos, mark games as owned, have the ability to rearrange the order of games in your own wishlist (maybe even have the option of multiple custom wishlists?), etc... I've on the other hand never had the need to find a random game released precisely between 2016-2018 which costs precisely between 10-12 euros and which is categorized by someone at GOG as "atmospheric"—but those who have wanted this will, I'm sure, be ecstatic to now have it... The layout is also a step down from the previous one since I prefer clarity over style, e.g. the "In Library"/"Wishlisted" label which has now unnecessarily been detached from the information box in order to create a hovering 3D effect...
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Not bad Gog. But as so often not complete... A tag for "Demos" (Show only / Hide all) is still missing. The same with "Soundtracks".
Your work is not finished yet! :-P
Concerning: Filter and browser
Reaction: Pleased
It's cool, but I really miss the 'by date added' sorting option. Bring it back please :-D
Feature Enhancement Request:

An alternative list view mode that is called "Compact" that shrinks the game icon to be very small and reduces the vertical height of each game title so you can fit as many of them vertically on the screen as possible, increasing the number of games shown per page as well.
The built-in zoom function of your web browser would achieve that, by zooming out...

Edit: Just tried it, doesn't work... :(
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They add a way to sort your Wishlist by Discount %?
emme: 1) A filter to hide games either that 100% I will never want to buy, or could use it to solve problems with games not registering as being owned properly.
This. Steam does this very well, either by tag or manually... I use it all the time and it makes browsing the store so much easier
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This has already been mentioned, but depending on the complexity, maybe you could just add the ability for people to "Hide" games in the catalog similar to hiding a game in one's account (it gets put under a list that you can still view if you want), rather than try to deduce what counts as "porn" and what doesn't (for a "Hide porn" option).

I do think such an option should not be on the game page though - add it in the upper right or left of the catalog link or let people right-click and hide or something.

I did a rough sketch, please see image below. You can check games you want to hide and check "Show hidden games" to unhide.

Otherwise maybe some kind of dropdown menu could be implemented that could be show up and be clickable when hovering over a game, and one of the options would be "Hide game" (just like the option in one's account).
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Nice improvements, GOG!
Along the other great suggestions already posted here, I'd like to see options like:

- Show only DLCs and extras
- Hide Demos (Prologues)
- Hide Tag/Genre (while adding more tags and genres to the catalog)
I hope, personal wishlist interface will be fixed as well.
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avatar Let us know how you like the new catalog in the comments, and share your ideas for what we could bring along.
The new filter options have been a significant improvement in comparison to how it was before. However, there has been one issue that has been bugging me.

Japanese games have inconsistent tags, leaving them in particular (although there may be other tags I don't frequently look at that deal with this too) frustrating to use to find more games.

A good example is there are some games properly tagged like Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. It has three tags: Action, Role-playing, JRPG. However, Ys Origin, another title in the same series, has the following labels: Role-playing, Action, Fantasy. While these tags certainly do describe the game, I view this title as a JRPG (as it is a Japanese Action RPG) and am much more likely to look at the JRPG tag over the standard role-playing tag (which will include mostly western RPG's) for this game. It isn't there though. I doubled checked before writing this. The other Ys games also are not listed under the JRPG tag. (Please note I am NOT saying to mark everything Japanese as JRPG either. There are other genres of course.)

Visual Novels are another area that have the same issue. Sunrider Academy on GOG has the following tags: Simulation, Visual Novel, Managerial. However, another game I would not only view as a visual novel, but look for with that tag is The Silver Case. It has the Adventure, FPP, and Detective-mystery tags. Just like before, these tags do describe the game to an extent. However, I am much more likely to search for a game like the Silver Case under the genre tag Visual Novel.

The absence of the JRPG and Visual Novel tags in the filter's genre options in general surprise me. As it is now, I have to go to a game that has those tags to be able to look at games with the same tag (which as it is now, only shows some games that would likely be associated as games in that genre).

In relation to the store filter options, I'd like to quickly point out three problems with the GOG wishlist filter options. I'm only mentioning this as it is closely related to finding games to purchase.

1) Two multiplayer options in Features tab.

2) Price filters don't work well as it only shows games whose original price meets the filter criteria. (i.e. a game I put on my wishlist a few months ago that's usually $15 is on sale for $7.50. The Winter Sale comes and I open up my wishlist to find games that are currently $10 and less. This game on sale for $7.50 is filtered out as the original price is $15). This used to be an issue with the old store filters as well but thankfully that's been fixed (thank you it was driving me nuts!).

3) There is a lack of an option to sort my wishlist by: Lowest to Highest Price.
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Two Words:

Dark Mode
maachubo: Two Words:

Dark Mode
I do agree. Even though I use DarkReader and a userscript to tone down the lights on GOG, I can't imagine the catalogue is pleasant in naked stark white.
Wait, it's a new thread? Alright, let me quickly rehash what I said in the last one - yep, it's a definite improvement, the price scale is great, more genres and tags would be definitely helpful, but I have some suggestions, in order of importance:

Mark owned content properly and hide it when hide owned search option is checked; when you buy deluxe editions in a bundle deluxe editions should be marked as owned, when you buy a deluxe upgrade or all DLC that were included in it, deluxe editions also should be marked as owned, if you bought everything in the bundle separately, the bundle should be also hidden/marked as owned, and all inferior editions should be hidden when you own a complete one. As it is it's quite a slog navigating through the search on big sales or whenever you feel like buying something not promoted on the main page, and it forces you to double back to your library to check if you own the stuff, and sometimes look through your order history and pester the staff then if situation is unclear enough, it's the most pressing issue in my book, far as convenience of search goes.

Introduce an option to show unbought DLC for owned games. Many people overlook DLC when they first buy the game, because they don't know if they like it enough to buy extras, but there are cases when DLC aren't listed on the game page as it's the case with the Imperator: Rome, so even attentive people will miss them. This feature not only would be nice to have on the customer side, but would definitely improve the sales of additional content.

Allow the search by developer/publisher and generally sort out the situation with developer/publisher tags - sometimes developer isn't listed, only old publisher and the IP hoarder/remasterer that sells the game currently (for example Knights of the Old Republic I and II, developed by Bioware and Obsidian respectively, but listed as Lucasfilm/Disney in both cases), you might be obligated to list the current IP holder or remaster-maker, but in all cases you should put it in the place of the old publisher and keep the original developer tag intact; also in many cases developers were listed with slight difference, which doesn't allow you to find other games of said developer (for example Neocore, listed as NeocoreGames and Neocore_Games, if you search from King Arthur games it won't show you Deathtrap and Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and vice versa). And some developer tags don't show any games to them at all, even the game you've clicked the developer tag from to begin with and they have several other games here.

Allow to exclude demos from the search and expunge them from the library if at all possible; this is the other annoyance of random browsing; and while it's definitely lesser and can be sidestepped by upping the minimum price of your search, it also hides genuinely free games. Maybe make demos directly downloadable or somesuch?

As I'm late to the party I'm sure other people mentioned this stuff already, but repeating again wouldn't hurt. I have more suggestions, but you have enough work as it is, so I mentioned only the pressing ones - and I'd be satisfied if you only handle the first for the time being.
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