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As we promised, we keep improving ways to browse our game catalog, so that it can provide a smooth, and comfortable experience for exploration and finding new great games for you.

This time, we introduce 170 tags to help with more accurate browsing and filtering. You’re a fan of dungeon-crawlers? Maybe you’re looking for something family friendly? Or you’re in love with the pixel graphics, and you’d like to see something that boasts it?
All that and more, you can now browse after one click in the filter options in the catalog menu, or by clicking on the tag on the product page of a game.

Together with the ability to filter tags you’re interested in, we’re also introducing an option to exclude the tags you’d like to avoid seeing. You can do that, by clicking on the eye icon that appears when you hover over the specific tag in the filter menu.

We hope that this functionality will further improve the discoverability of the games, and help you find exactly what you want, in the shortest time possible.
Let us know how you like the new tag system in the comments, and send our way ideas for what new ones we could introduce in the future.
We’re always on the lookout for great ideas that can make your experience with GOG more enjoyable, and we’ll keep tinkering and working towards that goal, so stay tuned!
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We hope you enjoy the update!
InkPanther: Oh, I've got one big suggestion - when we select multiple tags, the search results should show only games with all those tags. At the moment it shows games with at least one of the tags I chose.
Thank you for the suggestion, I will forward it :)
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We will take a look at those that are tagged with something that clearly doesn't fit the game! :')
Obviously Family Friend AND Hentai don't go together well.
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Shadowstalker16: Great improvement! The new tags will greatly reduce the negative impact of not having curation lists like GOGmixes.

Can we also get an ignore game function soon?

Also, a ''GOG Exclusive'' tag is sorely needed because there isn't a way to easily find the many games you can get only here.

EDIT for possible bug: TW3 is tagged only ''Fantasy'' which causes it to not appear when you search under the ''Open World'' tag. TW1 and TW2 do appear under the same search terms though.
We have a tag for GOG exclusives! It's "Only On GOG" :)