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Day one releases incoming, while Galactic Civilizations III & Galactic Civilizations II arrive with GOG Galaxy support.

The award-winning space-strategy developers, Stardock, are joining for a long-term cooperation to bring their catalog of best, upcoming, and unannounced releases aboard our DRM-free freighter. Lift off!

There is plenty of greatness to look forward to - our upcoming releases will include Offworld Trading Company™, Servo and Ashes of the Singularity, as well as future unannounced projects; all coming on day one - all complete with full support for GOG Galaxy, including achievements, multiplayer, leaderboards and more.

We'll also be releasing the best of the Stardock catalog, so stay tuned for: Sins of a Solar Empire®: Trinity, Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, Sorcerer King, and more.

We're starting out with with:
<span class="bold">Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition</span> - available 75% off at launch.
<span class="bold">Galactic Civilizations III</span> - ready with a cargo of extra content including: Revenge of the Snathi DLC, Mega Events DLC, Map Pack DLC, and Original Soundtrack - all available at 60% off in a single pack, or 50% off separately.

So come and join us aboard the DRM-free freighter, our trip through Stardock's many space and strategy universes is about to get prolific!
gamesfreak64: i been around awhile in gaming ( atari 2600 when i was a kid so i been around and know what has past these years)
boarding? i thought i saw a review for a Stardock game dated 2013?
i saw 3 reviews rating the first game so they were onboard a little sooner i guess?
Theres also a little text left out in the min. requirements:

i checked it 10 times but what is the min. gpu the game needs? i cant seem to find it
as for now it seems it does not require a graphics card
can you please add the min. req. gpu?

page screenshot
wizisi2k: I'm not anyone official BUT the game was playable on a 550 ti-just don't expect to have a high framerate. Anything after that should be fine. I jumped from that 550 ti to a GTX 970 and on insane sized maps I get 60 fps. PS: the RAM requirement is probably a medium-to large map with 4-5 AI. In this game you need more RAM to do better. Any how, the GTX 600 series or AMD equivilant to the GTX 700 series (I am probably guessing high on the AMD for decent framerate) should get you a decent framerate.
thanks for the reply
i have GTS 250 1 gb ram, but i am lucky more or less that the game has to much motions and flashy effects so i cant buy it ((game)motion sickness/photosensitivity)
i did saw vids of Lost Horizon 2 and, that game just might be playable for me,regarding the motion stuff, but my pc cant handle it, dont have cash to upgrade for a while so i wait for old stuff to arrive.
Oooo, I've had my eye on Gal Civ III.
Islanti: -Adrian from Stardock's Metaverse Team
Do you perhaps know why the Community Edition Guide has been included with the GalCiv 2 release? As far as I can tell, none of the changes from the Community Update have yet been incorporated into the game, so having the guide there doesn't make any sense.
Islanti: snip
Okay, thanks for the info! :)

I bought Sins of a Solar Empire primarily to support their DRM-free stance, and ended up pleasantly surprised and played the hell out of the base game...but was furious when they added DRM to the expansions, which is why I never touched them. Really looking forward to being able to finally play them after all these years!

Good job, GOG!
high rated
Gaunathor: Do you perhaps know why the Community Edition Guide has been included with the GalCiv 2 release? As far as I can tell, none of the changes from the Community Update have yet been incorporated into the game, so having the guide there doesn't make any sense.
The GOG version includes the Community Update.
Wow, this is excellent news!

I was so looking forward to playing GalCiv3 before it came out and then I was really disappointed after I found out it was only available on Steam (especially after Stardock said there would be no DRM, only some kind of an account registration, which, I assumed, was a one-time thing to download the game installer).

I tried to forget about it and thought I might get it in a few years if it's on sale but seeing this here now made it an insta-buy for me.

So thank you Stardock for coming to GOG!
I am growing ever impressed with GOG's recent catalog growth. If I saw Beast Wars: Transformers, my head would absolutely explode, not that the recent Warhammer/W40k releases haven't gotten me close to that.
Islanti: The GOG version includes the Community Update.
Thank you, I can see that now. However, I don't see a way to actually start the game using the Community Update. All the CU files are currently located under Galactic Civlizations II\Data. This makes them completely unaccessible for the game.
Obvious question
How is the AI in Gal Civ III? (is any of the DLC really needed?)
Kingpuddycat: Anyone have confirmation on this or not? I'm guess where it would be on GOG that wouldn't be the case but I just wanted to make sure before I go ahead with this.
Islanti: Registration is not required to play any Stardock games from GOG (as you'd expect!). You will need to register a free Stardock account to use the GalCiv2 Metaverse so we can associate your game results with a profile. If you don't care about reporting your game results you can play without an account though.

-Adrian from Stardock's Metaverse team
Thank you for the reply sir, much appreciated!

Buy it is and I look forward to more Stardock's titles down the line.
No DRM masquerading as an additional Stardock account that you have to have before you can play their games?

I am there!
GalCiv III is a bit too rich for my blood especially after the depredations of the sale, but wishlisted.
GalCiv II - insta-buy. :D

Welcome, Stardock!
I'm one part happy and one part peeved at this. Stardock swore up and down that Steam was it for them going forward and no amount of begging by their fans seemed to influence them. Now they go and change their minds and there are probably many like myself who would have much preferred to buy the games on GoG, but have already done so on Steam, because we were told that was going to be the only option.

I don't suppose there's going to be any chance at all of some method for converting Steam keys into GoG keys?
Sorry, but based on Stardock's previous history, I just need it to be spelled out:

There are NO DRMs of ANY kind?
No stealthware?
No 3rd party account?
No serial numbers?
No calling whoever to reset/reactivate?
No activation limit?
No other methods that I didn't know or don't remember right now?

Cause, you know... Stardocck. v=_=v
(Pretty much 80% of the reason I don't buy their stuffs is their DRM policies so... Same with Ubi and EA.)
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Zoidberg: Yay for another entry in the senseless pricing club... I really don't get this...
You're a wonderful human being.