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In my day just playing the games was an achievement. Kids can barely spell these days, let alone type.

Little texting peckerheads would never make it out of the first screen of Zork. I have my doubts that they'd even be able to run it in the first place.
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txnca: Yeah, still here. No, no one has agreed to do it for me so I guess I will try to do it myself. Don't believe I will make it but OFW.
blarth: I should be up for a while. Do you want me to pick them up for you?

I was going to by 5 of the 1.79 games in the weekend sale for $8.95.
Is that close enough to $8.37 for you?
Yeah, go for it. Sorry I didn't answer right away. Was up walking around trying to stay awake. GIve me the list of games you want and I'll grab them for you.
sam and max time.. have fun every one :)
Sam & Max next. The only one I have. Of course the two I want are at the end.
Glitch in the matrix...
Krondor and FTL are going to be last?!? Ugh.....zzzzz.....ugh....
I knew they'd save Krondor and FTL till last...makes sense given the demand for them :(
I'm going to change things a bit since I don't think most people care about what came before all that much at this point.

Games That are No More (or almost)
00-95 List
96 - Sam & Max Save the World

Games Yet to Come in This Final Round (3)
Betrayal at Krondor Pack
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes
FTL: Advanced Edition
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Red_Frog: In my day just playing the games was an achievement. Kids can barely spell these days, let alone type.
Where's pidgeot??
Ah yeah! First freebie of the sale!!!
blarth: You still up? Has anyone agreed to do this for you yet?
Momo1991: A request was sent to the GOG Gift Gods...but no answer as yet
Thanks Momo, but I really didn't want gifts just wanted someone to cover them for me until I could get them something back.
I bought Save the World just to forget all the idleness of the last two hours.
Austrobogulator: Where's pidgeot??
asleep probably

One last Keane to go...