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This week we're celebrating Polish creativity in gaming – that means deals up to 90% off, new additions to the catalog and interesting trivia about games Made in Poland.

Did you know just how many awesome titles were Made in Poland? Now is as good of a time as any to find out! From great indies to exceptional AAA and everything in between. The Made in Poland Sale features over 200 discounted games made by talented Polish developers such as:

· The Medium (-25%)
· Ghostrunner (-60%)
· Blair Witch (-70%)
· Frostpunk (-70%)
· Project Warlock (-70%)
· Phantom Doctrine (-80%)

To celebrate the start of our Made in Poland Sale, we’re bringing an ultimate Polish classic adventure Galador - The Prince and the Coward (Książę i Tchórz) back to modern PCs! Find out what happens when a young boy makes a deal with the devil to become a prince, and just why exactly it’s never a good idea. Until the end of the Made in Poland Sale, Galador - The Prince and the Coward will be available on GOG.COM 50% off.

Discover recent additions to the GOG catalog like:

· The Riftbreaker (-10%)
· Timberborn (-10%)
· Papetura (-23%)
· Slipways (-10%)
· Agony (-30%)

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· Call of Juarez (-75%)
· Leo the Lion (-50%)
· Clash (-50%)
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We also want to highlight cool titles that are coming soon to GOG.COM. Take a look at The Invincible, , [url=]Fire Commander, MythBusters: The Game - Crazy Experiments Simulator, Punk Wars, and [url=]The Sin Collector: Repentless – make sure to add them to your wishlist!

Made in Poland Sale is also a perfect time to dust off your knowledge on the Witcher lore with CD PROJEKT RED’s The Witcher series up to –90% off. If you prefer to dive into the dark, futuristic world of Night City instead, we’ve got you covered with Cyberpunk 2077 (-33%).

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn interesting trivia about games from Polish developers, take advantage of great discounts, and discover new amazing titles!

Make sure to check out the Made in Poland Sale before it ends on November 15th, 2021 at 2 PM UTC.
ciemnogrodzianin: Flash offer ended, now:
• $5.99 • -80% • X-Morph: Defense Complete Edition
Looks like the US price still is $5.99.
ciemnogrodzianin: (...)impossible to translate, but it's always the case, I guess.
I`ll try. A Gal like any Oder river Gal, yet not anonymous like Gallus Anonymus, this one is a gift (dor). Galador must be a local Getafix. ...or maybe it was Arhivald after all and Galador is the main character. (it makes more sense in the next post)
Freeze milk (or favourite milk alternative) in cubes form, drop in a strong blender with fav spices (honey and cocoa? honey and cinnamon? ) wizz it no magic ^ keep bees safe
Post edited November 14, 2021 by psychosopher
Gudadantza: Good discover with Galador. Classic point and click graphic adventure following the Curse of Monkey Island traces. Charming Hand drawn art, maybe a bit amateurish compared with other examples from the era but well done graphics, well animated and with work and soul inside.

Also it is classic in the sense of difficulty, balancing between hard and medium difficulty and that is a very good thing for a real fan of the genre. The original polish dubbing is also a plus, very refeshing. Different.

And the best thing. I never played the game before, so experimenting a classic adventure like this years later fr the first time is a luxury. Good deal.

Just one question: Is the "Galador" name any supposed lost in tanslation internal joke in polish?
Funfact for the fans Lords of the Rings:
Prince Galador founded Dol Amroth where Lothíriel was a princess.

I think that rather it was a joke that main character had a different typical name like John or Bob, but prefered that everyone called him Galador, which made everybody laugh.
Something like eighth-grader syndrome.
Does anyone know if the Linux version of KnightShift which is available on Steam is a native Linux port or a Proton emulation?
i like new poland's games, isn't Terminator Resistance a Polish-made game?
I really enjoyed Galador. It's nice & quirky!
And it's always good to get point & click adventures here. Thankyou GOG.

If anyone's having trouble getting through it, I wrote a Walkthrough HERE