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MarkoH01: Who decided this? As far as I know the judgement is still open and right now nobody knows in whose hands the game is - or did I miss something?
Alexim: Yes, but for the second time Nacon released it on Steam, and it seems no one objected this time, so they must have some legal foothold.
I think both Nacon and Frogwares have the right to sell the game, as Nacon had a publishing deal but Frogwares made sure it wasn't an _exclusive_ publishing deal.
I guess we won't know all the specifics until that legal case is solved. There's reason not to support the Nacon version, since they don't seem to have paid Frogwares the full royalties for it, but they still technically have the right to sell it.

It would be for the best if we got Frogwares' own version though, which they already sell on Xbox, Switch, PS5, GamesPlanet and Origin.
Alexim: It's the same promotional image present on Steam. My question instead is: what is Cthulhu doing in the background, if The Sinking City is still in the hands of Nacon? Even on Steam it's not included in the selection of titles on promotion.
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened also deals with the Lovecraft mythos, although in that one it's left vague whether or not Cthulhu really exists- the cultists trying to summon him are enough of a problem even if their rituals don't do anything.