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Something I have been wondering for quite a while: What is the difference between these 3 types of spellcasters?
I'm not sure, but they are all very powerful on a Scrabble board.
Typically sorcerers have some sort of innate magic ability granted to them from birth, while wizards learn their stuff from books and whatnot. Magicians are just a broad term for wizards, sorcerers, witches, warlocks, etc., but sometimes carries the connotation of something like an entertainer/illusionist.
Beared length..
As far as I know, they're generally considered as synonymous, however "Magician" is the widest term, since it can include also guys like prestidigitators (illusionists), while "sorcerer" and "wizard" are more "oriented" on those "professionalists" from fantasy worlds who are dealing with magic.
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amok: spelling
This is exactly what occurred to me when I read the thread title.
Behold the wizard!
Beware his power!
Unspeakable powaaaaaaaaaaaa!
if you really want an answer, it depends on the lore and myth of whatever-universe the thingy you looking at is set in.

For example in Discworld a wizard uses magic which exists on the disc itself, while a sorcerer generated magic within himself and therfore have potentially unlimited power. and then a quote "Magicians are above Conjurers and mere Thaumaturgists, but well below actual Wizards. Beyond that nugget of information we don't know nuffin' about 'em."

This may be completely different for other franchises / settings / universes.
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I have to say I've been wondering about this too, for a very long time (ever since playing CRPGs I guess). Is there any difference, or are they just synonyms?

I know some RPGs make a distinction, like how they learn or memorize or utilize spells, but I presume that's just how the CRPG maker imagined it...
I don't care as long as they can throw fireballs at unsuspected goblins :D But I always had this idea that sorcerers are more inclined to destroy stuff/damage spells. A wizard or a mage is more all around meaning he has more variety in his way adventuring
amok: spelling
:) Made me chuckle.
One of them freestyles magic, one of them went to wizard college, and the remaining one may or may not have a staff.
dtgreene: Something I have been wondering for quite a while: What is the difference between these 3 types of spellcasters?
Are we talking about in terms of D&D and fantasy games or more towards the language meaning?

Seriously asking.

edit: It's pretty much up to the person using the terms. For example I feel a Sorcerer is more someone who has magic come to them while Magicians and Wizards are more folks who study the art.

A different view:
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It depends on the system.
In some of them, the name is just a title, where in others it's a matter of what you can use that determines the title you are rewarded with.

Wizards are typically the very top of the chain, sorcerers are midlevel but often using techniques outside accepted schools, and magicians are lower level general practitioners.

Merlin for example has been known by all three terms and more depending on the mythos.