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Next Penelope is a cool action racing game with cutscenes and characters derived from 80's anime cartoons. Developed by only one guy under Construct 2 during one year. He worked for Arkedo, so if you enoyed Nervous Brickdown and Mini Big Bang on DS, you know he knows what the word "fun" means. Don't let the "early access" fool you, the coming updates are just for the multiplayer and finetuning bonus stages. The solo "campaign" is done and stable so it's just like a new release. You can watch this gameplay video by Nerd³ to convince you:

You can get it here:
Just read this postmortem about it ( ), and now I'm interested!

I just emailed the developer and asked about distributing via GOG. I don't think it'll go anywhere but who knows!

Edit: Oh, the problem is GOG refused the sell the game :/ Why do you guys do that!!!

Well, I just did my part and voted (and criticized):
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This looks like fun. Might wishlist it.