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Attention whore Fenixp attention whoring again!

Yeah, anyway, just want to make a public announcement that nobody particularily cares about. You see, I always liked these boards. I felt good when talking to you people, and after I spent time around here, I always felt like I have gained a lot from discussing games, life and just about anything with this community. It's been a fantastic and positive experience for me to have a place, on the internet of all things, to voice any opinion I might hold dear and to not get shunned for doing so - instead, to get an enlightening and interesting discussion about my views. It was great. And there was so little negativity as well!

Eh, you have probably noticed me using the word "was" a lot. While I still believe this to be a fantastic community, most likely far better than most you can find on the interwebz nowadays, the reason why I very rarely join an internet community and stay is because I'm having difficulties handling those rare cases when somebody manages upset me or piss me off, which seems to be an increasing tendency. See, when that happens, I put my "Asshole armor +1" on and swoop down to their level, even if using clever words while doing so. When that happens, I don't feel good - I feel rather bad about myself, actually, and past the last year and a half or so, that's been happening increasingly more and more. Now I'm not trying to color myself as a victim, I am an asshole when it comes down to it, but I don't want to be - sadly, since this reactionary tendency is not something I can control very well, the only solution seems to be to just cut myself off altogther.

So, why the attention whory topic then? I've been thinking about doing this a lot during last few months, and I don't think I can force myself to leave without doing this thing. So I am. Now I'll feel bad when I want to post in addition to feeling bad while talking about thigs, so it'll be all ... Well, bad, but that's the point :-P I'll probably stick around game specific boards for some time to see if I can be of some help at least, but I'll try to limit my activity as much as Fenixpily possible.

Anyway, thank you for the time you've allowed me to spend on these general boards. It's been nice. Less so towards the now, but eh. And I might come back at some point anyway, because I'm a feeble minded individual :-P And because I wanted to try something out. But you'll see. Possibly. At some point. Oh right, also a giveaway of a 10USD title, not random, I'll just pick someone I like. Because that's how I roll. Just so this topic is not a total waste of time (it'll end when I feel like it, I'll PM the winner.)

Edit: I'd just like to point out that I'm not leaving GOG and I still have Galaxy installed, so if you need something, feel free to message me.
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I'm sorry to read this, specially because I was expecting some Douglas Adams jokes so it was quite the downer.

We'll miss you.
Sad to see you go, man. You will be missed. I can't say I really disagree with you about the developments in the community over the past few years, but to me it's still the best internet community I've ever seen, and pretty much the only one I have, so I'll be sticking around. I respect your decision though, but I hope you'll return eventually.
That is sad to hear. Your posts were often really interesting :-)
And another old gogger gives up.. :\
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@Fenixp: Don't worry, be happy.
No don't leave :(

First StringingVelvet. SimonG, orcishgamer, now you?
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Well I'm relatively new to the forum, but you're not the first person who's pointing out the discussion level has dropped in the recent years, so that's a bit worrying - I see many threads being derailed and becoming a joking fests unfortunately. Let's all hope the general forum will pull through the worst and will get better with time and you as many others will return, just like a phoenix does. Until then farewell and all the best!
Agree 100%and is why I don't post as often.
Good luck with everything.
Altough I don't really know you its always sad so see a forum member taking this step. At least you're not leaving GOG but the boards might be a little less interesting.
Sorry to see you cut back, Fenixp. While you and I often disagreed, I usually felt as though your posts were worthwhile to have read, and on-topic furthering the discussion.

Hm, and I liked what PainOfSalvation said: "don't worry, be happy".

<small>Why couldn't it be tinyE instead? :/<small>
NO! I THANK YOU! For all the reviews and posts and contributions to the community. And yeah, i'll miss you, mate:(

I wish you only the best and i know that was not an easy decision.
Honestly, I felt like doing the same recently, after some very disheartning experiences, but I decided not to let a few assholes chase me off. A day may come when I forsake this forum and brake all bonds of gamership, but it is not this day.

However, with every non-asshole leaving the forum that day is probably getting closer. Don't leave! Don't let them overrun the forum!
Sad to see you go! Many of your posts were interesting reads and I always thought of you as a very helpful and friendly member of the community.

So I say Goodbye, my best wishes for your future and maybe you'll come back one day. I'm sure you'll always be welcome.