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DreamedArtist: GOG has turned down a lot of these indie guys... I was talking with the guy who created ultiionus: a tale of petty revenge on desura and said to me he sent his copy to put on here and GOG refused his game saying it was way too short.... saying it needs to be 4 or more hours long for whatever reason.
rtcvb32: It would annoy people if a game is too short... But then again speed-runners can make a game incredibly short even if it was never intended to be... (Morrowind in like 7 minutes or less for example)

Rather than refusing short games outright, why not lump 3-4 of them together as a bundle like they do the ultima 1-3 games? Preferable if it's all from the same company/devs or publisher, but if not then split profits evenly, perhaps gog can take a smaller cut from 30% to 20% to give more to the devs, and setting them to $10. I guess it depends on how willing they are willing to share the game as a bundle with another indie group rather than it standing on it's own...

Honestly i recently played Nihilumbra, and it was beautiful, short, simple platforming and puzzle solving, but it was mostly the story you were watching and listening to more than the game itself. The game was short, perhaps 3 hours worth; The second half (hard mode as a second replay) i didn't play. I certainly wouldn't want to buy the game by itself here, BUT if it was packaged with other games with a similar length or more focused on a story with you inching the character along, i'd totally go for.
sxnc: I'm glad that GOG has integrity and filters out indie devs who are looking to make a quick buck with a half hearted attempt of a game. That's why I've become disenchanted with Steam, especially with their Early Access program. Valve needs to establish standards for quality and not open the floodgates for anybody to sell a game on their platform.
rtcvb32: Yeah... Some minimum examples of what they are willing to put up on the site would be nice, but Steam has... well... lost itself in that respect... :(

Here on GoG the minimum is probably, ummm... Actually with Zork here that sets the bar pretty low... at least with age and graphical levels...

Blocks that matter seems about as low as i'd want to go, and only as something to sorta cool down either before or after a heavier game. Not something i'd want to sit and play for hours and hours on end, more a time sink for a little while that's a good past time... Triple Town does this wonderfully

You can sorta weigh graphics and gameplay and trade them off, rouge-like games have gone ASCII and had huge world detail, or the opposite, Gone Home has a great graphical look & story but no other mechanics... (I haven't played it myself so i could be wrong on that)

But a certain minimum of different genres would be good...
Different people will have different tastes in games, I'm all for the pixel artsy games as much as the graphical prowess of AAA games. I think it all comes down to whether or not the game was made with good intentions and not a cynical cash grab.
who gives a shit what those bastards say, you shouldnt bother yourself with it, just punch in middle finger and walk away