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cannard: Stalin vs. Martians

A game no longer available to buy, probably for good reason, but it's so ridiculous that it has to be mentioned. Check out the review quotes here:

Oh, and a game I added is on the OP's list I see, at number 2 at that, yay! Country Justice, oh boy... when I first learned of the game, seeing that video where you kill swarms of slow-moving mutant/alien cows that each take like 2 dozen bullets to kill, your character quipping "Now I'm mad, REAL mad" in typical hillbilly accent, I knew then that I was staring at but a mere glimpse of the ultimate tribute to God Himself.

Meat Puppet... wait, JudasIscariot added that one? What is wrong with you man? Actually I never played that game, but I do remember GamePro giving it a glowing review, and it was some isometric shooter where you play some cyberpunk goth chick or something, but apparently consensus says it's actually not a very good game at all (GamePro was like that back in the day, always going against the grain, usually not for the right reasons though).
What? I never got to play that game back when it came out :/ I have always been curious about it back then :D