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Make your purchases in PLN, CAD, CHF, NOK, SEK, or DKK

Today we are adding six new local currency options to our store. From now on, if you are making purchases from Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, or Denmark, you will be able to pay in your local currency, i.e. PLN, CAD, CHF, NOK, SEK, or DKK, respectively.

If you live in one of these beautiful countries, you're already able to choose between USD and EUR. Now, you get a third payment option: your local currency. Any store credit you may already have in USD or EUR remains unchanged and can be used for future purchases made in those currencies.
For more information on how our store credit works, check out this <span class="bold">FAQ</span>.

You can easily switch between your currency options using the drop-down menu at the website's footer or by going to Account → Orders & Settings → Account and Locale.

Having more options is always useful and a familiar currency can go a long way towards helping you plan your gaming budget. Now, you can do your DRM-free shopping in eleven currencies : USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, RUB, PLN, CAD, CHF, NOK, SEK, or DKK. Enjoy!
What about pine cones and chestnuts? I've got them plenty!
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It looks so great, but I'm unable to change the currency. Crap.
Wiewioor: It looks so great, but I'm unable to change the currency. Crap.
Are you trying to do so while in the forum?
Wiewioor: It looks so great, but I'm unable to change the currency. Crap.
JudasIscariot: Are you trying to do so while in the forum?
blotunga: Never let Paypal do the conversion. Visa's conversion for example is extremely good.
huan: That isn't true where I live. I used to use Paypal exclusively, mainly as a security measure, to put a wall between shop and my money. After pondering a while on the new security model offered by gog, I have let them remember mine and use it directly (after writing that I'm never going to in the relevant thread, go figure).

Paypal: $25.09 = 627CZK, comes out as 24.992 rate. Official exchange rate at that day was 23.966, 1.026 paypal's cut.

Visa: $18.88 = 465.21CZK -> 24.735 exchange rate, official rate was 23.798, 0.842 visa's cut

Visa comes out slightly better, but only by very small margin, there are not many meaningful things one could buy for the 3.40CZK difference. That's about one [url=ýroba_rohlíku_(25).JPG]roll[/url], on pretty large purchase.

If there is larger gap, it may be because Paypal likes to charge the account in weird currencies, so there may be double conversion involved. It took me 3 support requests to make them charge me in CZK and not in EUR.
so you mean it wont be making a big difference by using own local currency when paying for a game?
Wiewioor: It looks so great, but I'm unable to change the currency. Crap.
Works for me:
Wiewioor: It looks so great, but I'm unable to change the currency. Crap.
TPR: Works for me:
Nope. I cannot change it. I'm in US, so maybe it's blocked. Only changeable thing is locale. Even if I try to change the currency settings using the form in the footer of the page, it allows me to change to USD only
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gamesfreak64: Thanks for the answer...
so i was right all the time.... i knew that countries like Poland and Hungary were smartter then us Dutch....
well i admire you for that and i think many dutch people admire you aswell.... our government bows to every
TPR: You "admire" because you know little about it:
1) Poland (Polish citizens) is loosing several billions (10^9) each year because of exchange of money. Most of it is related to Euro (PLN -> EUR and vise versa).
2) "foreign investors" sees Poland and PLN (Polski Zloty which literally means Polish Golden) as not so stable. Actually they don't take Poland as single country but are looking for entire region (together with Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and others). Every "incident" on those single markets causes reaction for entire region. They buying local currencies and investing or they withdrawing their money back. It all causes our currencies as not much stable (comparing to Euro or US Dollar).
3) Every importer of goods is keeping prices higher because PLN can loose its worth in any moment and importers don't want to loose money.
4) Bank loans for companies (and for single customers) have higher percentage because of above risk. It means higher total cost of business (and living).

Polish citizens voted in referendum not only for access to United Europe but for Euro currency too. Unfortunately populistic politicians are playing "patriotic card" and are making "brain washing" to poor people who don't know how things work. Playing with "fiscal policies" is dangerous and in log run makes Poland weaker and Polish citizens poorer.

Don't complain about Euro. It's one of the best things that happened to European countries.

Greece, Spain and other countries don't have problem with Euro. They have problem with overgrown socials.
Yes, it's so wonderful when a country doesn't control its own currency. Like when Greece with its debt crisis couldn't devaluate their currency help them recover and required bailouts by other euro countries.

Euro project had political gains in mind, not economical.
Thank you, GOG! :D
Well I'll be dayumned!

This is what I needed. My first thought when I read our clerical gov made our currency drop was : "Aw my GOG!". Well you saved the day, GoG!
How does this work exactly?

In the past, I checked out my orders in both currencies, compared them and then bought in the cheapest one. For example, Paypal said USD was 26.48 SEK and Euro was 28.84 SEK... so, then I bought in USD.

But now that SEK is available, should I still bother doing this?

And is there an advantage in buying your own currency?
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Any plans for Brazilian Real in the future?
Crosmando: Needed Currencies:
Bus Tokens
North Korean won
Gold Bullion (for right-wing conspiracy theorists)
IOU's (I owe yous, otherwise known as "I'll pay you back later bro, I promise")
Eastern European brides
Japanese female [used] panties
Venita: Don't forget Dogecoin.
And Bison Dollars
Thanks GOG, nice to know that there are new currencies available!
However, I'm still waiting for BRL.
(though the current economic/political situation in Brazil being no good for buying games)
+1 for cosmopolitanism. Go team! I've been enjoying seeing AUD prices on here, something that Steam is yet to start offering.
gamesfreak64: so you mean it wont be making a big difference by using own local currency when paying for a game?
The post was about Paypal vs Visa exchange rates. i'll see how much gog wants in my currency when they support it, which is not now.