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Same as OP here.
Yes it is broken.
It looks like this to me (Firefox 81.0.2) - look for screenshot below.

The same in Microsoft Edge (Chromium).
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same for me gremlins in GOG
Tried on multiple browsers, same issue
I arrived just a few minutes ago and it all works perfectly. Try logging out, leaving the website and delete all coockies and close the browser. Then return. I think whatever it was has been fixed now.

@GOG! Please could you put up a warning news post and tritter, if you have that, whenever you update the website in a way that may cause hiccups. You can lock it straight away and remove it, or have it remove itself automatically, an hour after the website should work again.
There's an optional omniclient you can choose to use, though.

Broken as well on Vivaldi.
The store page does not work

i can only log in when i go to the community page first from where the login option suddenly appears

bugs bugs bugs
Broken in Firefox in a really weird way!
I see everything except my account name.
ALSO the news does not display.

BUT when i go to community stuff (wishlist/forums) i see my account name
and everything works fine again.

AND, signing out and delete all cookies doesn't help.
Tried that and then the "Sign in" Button did not show up.
Had to go to community as well to see it and sign in again.

So broken for me is the Account Button and the News!
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My personal area, name and icon are gone, On Sale, Recommended for you and News are empty - both on Firefox and Chrome.
My personal info is displayed in the forum page but not the store page. Weird beheaviour, uh?
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Wow, it gets worse and worse... when I try to access my games I only get a totally distorted website. What's going on here? No official statement?
It's working normally again, for me at least.
its working now
Maybe something Cyberpunk 2077-related?
The fourth Night City Wire episode goes live in 1 hour and 15 minutes and GoG may be preparing something (another pack of assorted digital goods, opening up pre-loading, etc) to coincide with the event.
I have the same problem with no account appearing at the top of screen and now news at the bottom of screen.

I think its fixed just started working for me!!!!
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Main page is still broken for me. Other pages (account, wishlist, individual game pages) work fine.