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Hey everyone.

Right now I'm playing Pillars of Eternity and enjoying it quite a bit. I have the following games but have yet to beat although I have enjoyed what I played of them: Dragon Age: Origins, Planescape Torment, KOTOR 1/2 Shadowrun Returns, Divinity: Original Sin.

My question: is there any reason to get these older games if I still have games like I mentioned above to complete? It will take me quite a while to beat the ones I have.

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Depends on whether you think you need to grab them right now. They seem to go on sale fairly regularly though, so I'd say it's probably wiser to wait until you need them and grab them when they're on sale again.
You don't need any reason to buy. They're excellent, and they're different enough from each other that you can be sure you'll like at least some of them .
All these games are excellent I recommend that you play them all someday. You can buy them now or wait for the next sale....
Classic D&D games for dead cheap, why not?
Considering you own a few already. Buy it already, buy it :)
They go on sale frequently but that's a lot of games for a little money....would buy again! 10/10!
If you are enjoying PoE then you will want to play the Baldur's Gate series one day for sure. Whether or not you buy the D&D bundle now is up to you, but as it's been pointed out it does go on sale often enough that you can probably wait.

Good luck with all the awesome games you have to get through :-)
I think most of them are very user-unfriendly and have aged poorly. If you aren't used to modern RPGs you might find it easier to get into them, but you're proabably better off playing what you already have.
I believe you should play the Baldur's Gate series (and maybe Icewind Dale too, but not necessarily Icewind Dale II [*]) before Planescape: Torment, because if you do so, you will find a bit more how Planescape: Torment is different because of its settings (and not the always Forgotten Realms) and its rules restrictions while sharing the same original ruleset.

[*] BG, BGII, P:T and IWD use the AD&D ruleset, while games like IWDII and TOEE use D&D3 so there are many changes. For instance the KotOR series use the D20 system which derivates from D&D3, too.

Dragon Age: Origins was marketed as the original Baldur's Gate spiritual successor back in the days, so playing it before Baldur's Gate can be a choice, since you are already playing Pillars of Eternity before Baldur's Gate.

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Okay thanks everyone. I will be thinking about this for a bit.

I also want to ask if the enhanced versions of Balder's Gate 1/2 and Icewind Dale are better. I heard they are pretty buggy.
I've found TOEE brilliant, even if too short and bug-ridden.
For what it lasted, it was one of my favourite.

The D&D 3rd edition ruleset to it's best (and I really dislike D&D).
Pity they made only thins one.

I've never found Neverwinter nights and sequels, interesting.
How story in NW1 and NW2 start ... well... damn! What a pity.
xkt77: My question: is there any reason to get these older games if I still have games like I mentioned above to complete?
IMO, not really. You will get them eventually, but the D&D bundle sale is a common sight on GOG. By the time you'll have played through all your owned RPGs, you will have had at least one other chance to buy them, if not several. On the other hand, there's probably no reason to postpone buying them either, if you've got the money now and you're confident that you'll like them. I don't think they will get much cheaper anymore. In any case, you already own Planescape Torment, and that's all that counts. I'm more worried by the obvious lack of Shadowrun Dragonfall DC in your collection. ;)

OldOldGamer: I've never found Neverwinter nights and sequels, interesting.
How story in NW1 and NW2 start ... well... damn! What a pity.
You (and countless others) are playing it wrong! Scrap the official campaign and start downloading the free superior community campaigns, the big idea behind NWN and the only reason why it is as popular as it is. ;)
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Leroux: I'm more worried by the obvious lack of Shadowrun Dragonfall DC in your collection. ;)
It is on my wishlist on steam :). What is so great about it? What differs it from the base game? The story?
Yes. And since you've played some of PS:T and PoE I would say you can play them in any order that appeals to you because getting familiar with the skill systems and party-management/item management shouldn't be as overwhelming as if you'd never played a complex RPG before. Demon Stone and Dragonshard I've not even played yet. NWN main campaign sucks, play community stuff if you like when you like. PS:T is best, but if you don't want to play the best first, play NWN2 Complete, BG/BG2, PS:T.

ToEE is more combat focused and you should read about and play whenever/if ever you want. Make sure to install the modpack.

I don't find them user-unfriendly, they just aren't as smooth-feeling as more modern games and so take a little learning of how everything operates a bit and getting used to "the feel"(that is the #1 thing that holds people back in playing them, I think, they don't realize they will get used to how it feels if they just give themselves time, they are thrown off and are impatient and give up.)

Reading the manuals, not necessarily in their entire-ties, but parts here and there, is crucial, IMO.

Be patient with them on other levels too. BG has 500000000 things happening/that you do before anything happens/you really start to get anywhere, and with you not being familiar with how they will be, it is going to take you a lot of playing hours to get through. The BGs and IWDs and NWNs have a lot of combat too (NWN main campaign is MEH to me), but if you're playing PoE you should be fine, really once you get used to how they all operate. Maybe play on an easier difficulty level.

I know you've played it a bit but, for PS:T, of course, be in the mood for lots of reading. Walls and walls of text of descriptions of things, lonnnnggg conversations, lots and lots of journal entries (which you should certainly read.) It's superb writing, it flows and is easy to grasp for the most part. You just have to take the time it takes to read read read. It is one of my top favorite 3 games, ever. Also, to me, it is an RPG that is best experience/only suitable to play as a mage (when I play, after completing the opening area, I essentially rush straight to the place where you can train to be a mage and change over and never change to anything else), whereas most RPGs I feel are very open to allowing me to pick a class and still experience the game "fully." To me that isn't really a bad thing though for this game, I love it! The combat is a bit different but pretty straightforward once you get used to it.

I also HIGHLY recommend Installing the unfinished business packs and a handful of recommended mods for the varying games even for first play-through.

Don't be afraid to consult some guides (I like for RPGs - it's comprehensive for each game) if you're uncertain what to do.

Arcanum is another great older cRPG that is not to be missed, get it if/when you get a chance. And, of course Fallout 1+2 are also recommended, but they're not here anymore.

Inquisitor is another great RPG for story/atmosphere and GREAT role-playing of different characters with a variety of paths depending on the choices your character makes, but it doesn't play like the D&D games as far as the combat and items/inventory systems - they are like Diablo (I hate even mentioning that game in comparison because they don't compare other than the potion-quaffing, combat, inventory/item likenesses.)
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I have an extra copy of Pillars of Eternity I'm trying to trade/sell off. This guy online said he'd buy something for around $20 for it since he doesn't have paypal; I may just go with this bundle and call it a day. :)