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Sharing the Greed unstoppably continues!

Prize pool
X-COM: Apocalypse
X-COM: Enforcer
X-COM: Interceptor
X-COM: Terror from the Deep
X-COM: UFO Defense

1. Be interested in playing the game as it's meant for you, no trading or re-gifting.
2. Share a link to your post of participation in this topic (one post is enough to enter any&every giveaway I create this year so don't be shy, post ahead. ;)).
3. You can only enter for yourself.
4. Every game from the prize pool is a Steam Humble Bundle link, PICK ONLY ONE you want the most and mention which is it.
5. This giveaway will be running for at least two weeks and until the end of the month at the latest. The winner(maybe "s") will be picked randomly.

Come and get your X-COM piece of pie!

G I V E A W A Y C L O S E D!
Post edited March 17, 2015 by BranjoHello
You're going to have to post in the tracking thread, or no one will see this! lol~
Not in & +1! also a little bump :P
How unlucky of me. :-(
Your first giveaway was from Steam (I love Civilizations, but I usually play Freeciv). The second one was not a game I really wanted, so I preferred it found a better owner. Now were are getting back into Steam territory, and I totally love X-COM! UFO Enemy Unknown (as it is known over here) is possibly my favourite game ever! I do wonder where my floppies are...

In the final mission the game not not refresh the map correctly when I scrolled. It was unplayable, even for me. And all my friends who played the game had the same problem. Searching online, many years later, I found people would complain about bugs in the game, but never this one. That is strange given that I did purchase it, so it should have been the official version.

Apocalypse would have been great. But it has some shortcomings in the graphics department. All my soldiers look the same when they have their armours on. Also, while the game seems to have some spirit it seems to miss character. The game world is consistent and well developed, but the factions have no personality. They are too mechanic for my taste.

I have not seen any XCOM game after Apocalypse. People say they are inferior. I do look forward to play Xenonauts.

Anyway, thank you for the giveaway, but I'm afraid I'm not in.
I'm in for X-COM: UFO Defense. Thanks for the giveaway! :)
Gede: How unlucky of me. :-(
Well, with the post you left in Main Thread you can enter any giveaway I create this year, so maybe there will be something for you in the forthcoming months. ;)
No problem. Have fun with your giveaway, and do them however you like!

Since you do not seem to choose the games at random, why don't you share with us why you chose X-COM and what these games mean to you?
Not in, but thanks for the giveaway +1
Gede: Since you do not seem to choose the games at random, why don't you share with us why you chose X-COM and what these games mean to you?
January, February and April choices are not random, but this moth's prize pool is semi-random.
I'm not a fan of X-COM games and these have been for some time in my trade list. I figured at least one of them should get a new home, and as I don't know which one is the most "demanded" I let people choose. :)
Bumping it up.
Another bump.

Congrats to Random_Coffee!
Game link sent to PM.
Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway BranjoHello! :)