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A story grows (or wins) in the telling.

Gather around, wanderers, it is time. Time to share your tales with the world. Everyone has at least one or more to tell, so don't be shy. If you pour your heart into it or touch someone's heart with it, a GeForce GTX 1070 and a copy of Where the Water Tastes Like Wine might become yours!

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, a narrative-driven game about harvesting tales from all across America, is a testament to the life-changing properties of storytelling. Now the fine people behind it have agreed to read and evaluate the short stories of the GOG community, before picking a winner who shall be awarded the new shiny GTX 1070, plus a GOG copy of the game.

The rules are simple: just use this thread to post your short story (in English) until March 9, 11PM UTC. There is no specific theme, genre, or character limit, but please keep the stories at a reasonable length and their content aligned with our forum posting guidelines.

So what are you waiting for? Those stories are not going to write themselves you know! Or are they...

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is now available for purchase on
Woooow! Let me raise my glass to that.

A GTX 1070 is nice as it should be enough for most VR games on the market today.
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I'm a little vague on the story. Does it have to be about wine or to do with wine?
Anything about what type of stories are required or preferred? Real or fiction? Or (possibly) fiction presented as real well enough to be believed? Personal or not? Period, settings, moods, anything? And any range for the "reasonable" length?
tinyE: I'm a little vague on the story. Does it have to be about wine or to do with wine?
No. But it could be!
It was on a new year's eve, i was 17 and never got drunk when i was out with my mates. Always had a vodka shot and 2 beers. Every single time, so those "friends" wanted to see me drunk.

And one friend's parent's owned a farm in the middle of nowhere and allowed us to celebrate the new year there. The place was a dump, no water, no electricity and no toilets. There was this H U G E pile of horse crap and other trash and we used that as an improvised toilet.

There were like 10 people there and of course my highschool crush was there too. So, i was trying to make my move and i was also grateful for having someone who wasn't drunk to talk to. Pretty normal so far, right?

And suddenly this one dude rushes in to toast with me. To the waifus and stuff, because we were all massive weebs. I down the vodka shot and keep talking with the grill. And everyone started toasting with me. I wasn't paranoid back then so i didn't pay much attention to them and just downed a shot after a shot.

FF to nighttime, i had about a bottle and a half of finlandia in me, but i still was ok, just felt a bit lightheaded. Suddenly i needed to pee, super badly. I get up from the couch and try to walk over to the horse crap pile to relieve myself. Took me a good 5 minutes to get there, but i managed. Feeling victorious, i unzipped my pants and threw up all over myself, lost my balance and fell face first into the huge pile of manure.
Naturally everyone laughed, my crush didn't even want to know me after that display and not one of those dumbasses that made me drunk filmed that scene even though we had 2 camcorders there.
Since that time i've never had a single drop of alcohol to drink.

I also had long hair during that time and it took me a week to wash out the smell.
Great effort by the Devs/pubs and GOG.

EDIT: Can we people from faraway lands participate in the contest too?
Fiction or non-fiction?
What happens to the story?

EDIT 2: Have now included my story entry in post no. 145.
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tinyE: I'm a little vague on the story. Does it have to be about wine or to do with wine?
maladr0Id: No. But it could be!
Must it come from America? Do you ship overseers? :)
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A GTX 1070 you say? I heard cryptominers have a very vivid imagination :P.

P.S.: I'm rather good at spinning up tales, but since I'm already a lucky bast... owner of a GTX 1080, I'll turn down this challenge. Another tale, another time perhaps.
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well i was like 17 at the time
our school went to prague on a trip,i got so drunk and and almost hit into traffic sign on way back to hotel.
and had a great hangover next morning

good times:).-
Is this contest international?
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high rated
I once went outside, it was horrible.
Dang, that's like a $9,000 prize at today's GPU prices! ; )
"yesterday I had a glass of red wine. it tasted like... wine"

the end
Before torturing my grey matter on the case at hand, I too would like to know the specific rules and regulations for the giveaway. Are specific countries prohibited? What happens to the story material?(whose ip will it become?)