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I like free DLC and I cannot lie!

Who's up for some freshly cut demon chops? That's right, <span class="bold">Shadow Warrior 2</span>, the explosive FPS of potty-mouthed carnage, has received another free DLC and it's full of meaty action!

Get ready for the intense, bloody, gut-spilling Bounty Hunt Part 1. This free DLC brings plenty of new missions, two devastating guns, and four new perks for Lo Wang and his merry gang of demon-killers. So load up your Medusa Ray or EX-GF01 minigun and go make a slimy mess out of these 14 bombastic missions, featuring names like Plague of the Bunny Lords and 50 Shades of Shade.
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I Hope You Rot,
I know dude, the title is still MISSLEADING!
The DLCS should come as different DLCs not as one whole patch.