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1500+ Deals up to 90% off | Two FREE Games with your purchases | Redeem 40 games on GOG Connect

All good things must come to an end… We'll soon bid farewell to The 2017 Summer Sale, but for now there's still time to make the most of those last few days – until Tuesday, June 20, 10PM UTC!

If you're just joining us in The Summer Sale, there are tons of ways to score a free copy of Rebel Galaxy (free with your first purchase) and Alan Wake's American Nightmare (free when you spend a total of $10). At 1500+ games up to -90%, our most popular deals so far include:
- <span class="bold">RiME</span> – gorgeous, memorable, and DRM-free.
- <span class="bold">Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice</span> – pre-order Ninja Theory's upcoming independent title.
- <span class="bold">Tacoma</span> pre-orders (-10%), the open-world epicness of <span class="bold">Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen</span> (-60%), and Tyranny: Archon Edition 60% off for the first time.
- Hand-picked collections featuring our favorite RPGs, Action Games, Tactical & Strategy Games, and most beloved Adventure Games.

Looking for more great games, or just not sure where to start? Check out our <span class="bold">QUIZ: What Type of Adventurer Are You?</span> and we'll recommend a handful of games that you'll love!

Finally, don't miss the chance to claim your DRM-free editions of over 40 fantastic titles with the newest round of GOG Connect – including Reigns, The Walking Dead, Downwell, Deponia, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and many more. Check out <span class="bold"></span>, connect your Steam account, and grab free DRM-free copies of your games before the Summer Sale ends!

The Summer Sale will last until Tuesday, June 20, 10 PM UTC.

NOTE: Make sure to redeem your Rebel Galaxy and American Nightmare copies right away - the codes will expire on June 27, 21:59 UTC.
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Must catch them all :)
Thiev: ^ ping
Ping this please :)
gog.jpg (131 Kb)
Melvinica: Ping this please :)
very... minimalist sleek design >.>
I bought a bunch of games 45 minutes ago or so and didn't receive Rebel Galaxy.
How are we supposed to be reciving it? Through a code sent via e-mail? Will it be just added to our accounts at some point?

Thanks in advance :)

Edit: I'm stupid, seen the disclaimer message now. I'll be patient :)
Post edited June 06, 2017 by Anguy
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avatar DISCLAIMER: Due to technical difficulties, your free copy of Rebel Galaxy might take a while to arrive. Please be patient.
Ahhhh... Rebel Galaxy is the name of the game. And Free means you get it for free with your first purchase.

"Rebel Galaxy FREE with your first purchase"

I honestly thought Rebel is the name of the game and was wondering why you have to advertise that it's Galaxy-free.
I need more coffee.
Post edited June 06, 2017 by ZFR
It's a bummer that there are no more game bundles with discounts. Oh, well, at least some games are pretty nicely discounted now.
ZFR: I need more gold.
Well I'm already done with my purchases: Divinity Dragon Commander and Crysis Warhead. So see you next sale, mkay?

Edit: The lack of xp and bonus games were a bummer for me but oh well... I wont refuse a DRM-free Rebel Galaxy(Is it the "free" game Rebel Galaxy just because it has Galaxy in the name?).
Post edited June 06, 2017 by kokosabre
I have a question - dailys will change? Cause usually we have clock for that, so I'm not sure now...
Tharsis does not seem to be detected correctly in GOG Connect.

EDIT: Same with Reigns.

Anyway, gotta buy some games now, see you later.
Post edited June 06, 2017 by Mico Selva
Question: is this the kind of sale where all maximum discounts are there up front, or the daily deal type kind where you might get a higher discount later?
Bethezer: I have a question - dailys will change?
No, they won't:
It's 1500+ deals out of 2000 games in the catalogue, I guess that's enough to pick something for your liking, right? :)
So yes, everything is put on sale from day 1, and will be here for the next 2 weeks. Enjoy!
Post edited June 06, 2017 by Lemon_Curry
Thiev: ^ ping
Better an hour and a half late than never. :P