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joelandsonja: Seriously..... Who lives like this?
A lot of people, trust me... And I would even add that this block is quite a piece of luxury. Like another poster said, if you haven't been homeless yourself, you can't understand what it's really like to have a warm shelter and cherish it....

That being said, I'm a bit puzzled by the design and practical flaws of that cubicle as it inherently needs a bigger room to put it into and I'm wondering about the possible water leaks of the bathroom as the bed is below it (when it's not used).

An affordable solution for younger generations are the container houses which are quickly evolving to be more attractive and still be at low prices. The only thing stopping it are the local stupid "building codes" :(
3.200$ FOB:

Of course, in Canada and northern countries, I don't think it would be good during the winter.