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Fair enough, it's not for everyone I guess. I always prefer facecam cos it feels easier to 'get to know' the person doing the videos when you can see them.

Either way, I'm glad you like the content, so thank you!! You interested in the retro stuff I do or more the modern games, or a bit of both?
kontrolltroll: Mostly the retro games. Currently I`m watching your Beneath a steel sky LP, one of my most beloved games :)
Keep up the good work! ;)
Ah cool and thanks a lot, I love the old GOG classics like Beneath a Steel Sky and Lands of Lore.

Keep meaning to do another point and click on the channel but not sure what to pick. Simon the Sorcerer is one I remember a lot as kid
Fairfox: i bought Cuphead whenevr becaaause it looks liek a cartoon buuut it was takin' over fifteen mins to install an' i gave up :/

was mine teh only one taht was S-L-O-W installin'? i just canceled/closed it/destroyed it instead. what could take so long?! just becaaause it looks liek a cartoon?
I'm not sure, I haven't heard anyone else mention it and I didn't have any issues but then I do often just start something to install and then walk away and get on with other stuff so I didn't really pay attention.

It's a fantastic game as long as you've got bag fulls of patience.

Tonight, it's time for more pain as we head back to the world of Battletoads.

This one includes a 2nd (harder) Turbo Tunnel style level AND the infamous Snake Pit
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It's the big one, the FINAL episode of our Dark Souls blind playthrough

Don't miss me taking on the end of game boss!!
Here it is dudes! By popular demand, I am playing this great survival horror game... Dead Space

So if you like aliens and seeing me jump every 2 mins then here is the new series for you
I woke up this morning to a message from one of my subs called Aaron giving me a Steam key for the game, Hollow Knight :D

Such a lovely gesture. I've heard a lot of great things about this game so really looking forward to giving it a go. Think I'll start doing it on the channel once I upload the final episode of Battletoads which will be just after the weekend.
People say this a lot but if you are following the story of this series, especially if you haven't seen FF7 before, tonight's episode is an absolute MUST SEE to keep up with the story

One of the most memorable moments of all time in gaming, don't miss it!
It's Battletoads time guys

Imagine the Turbo Tunnel but 10x harder, that's the first level of this episode
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Time to step back into Dead Space

Gotta head to the morgue to get the captain's security pass but there's a nasty surprise waiting for us
Hey dudes!!

We are live right now playing Isle 3 of Cuphead. Come and say hello and laugh at how bad I am
Yo, Dark Souls 2 is here!!!

The first game was amazing so now we're doing a blind playthrough of the sequel and it all starts here

Don't miss it!
Snowboarding mini games and 2 headed dragons, don't miss this episode of Final Fantasy 7

Don't forget to drop a sub and support the channel if you like what you see
Here it is, the 3 final levels of Battletoads. Some of the most hell-ish levels ever made in a game.

This episode was absolutely brutal to try and record, it took a lotttttt of off camera practice, so I really hope you enjoy it!
Heyyy Dead Space is back and today you're gonna get to see me torn to shreds... multiple times

Time to get stuck back into Dark Souls 2 and this time I actually make some progress!!

Feel like I'm getting the hang of it now
Battle Toads! Wow! I'm impressed! You really don't shy away from toughies!
Were you an avid gamer on your youth?

Also, I stopped playing FF VII a long time ago. The last part I remember was some sort of RTS protecting some eggs on a mountain. Do you have any idea how far along was I? It sure was a long game. I'll have to restart it if I ever play it again.