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It's day 2 of Platformas and we've got one of the greatest NES platformers of all time, DUCKTALES
Day 3 of Platformas is here and it's time for the Sega boys and girls to get a turn with the MegaDrive classic, Sonic The Hedgehog
Day 4 of Platformas is here and we're playing one of the many great Disney games that got released on the SNES.... The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse
regarding the earlier poster, I enjoyed watching the Dark Souls, even tho its been done alot already in Lets Plays, yours is the only one I watched, there are alot of games new and old that I would like to see played by you as I find your presentation personable, relaxing and fun. You will be given tons of conflicting advice from viewers asking for this and that, all I can say is ... play what you would play for yourself, even if no one else was watching. if you are enjoying what you are playing then the viewers will come naturally. cheers mate
Hey Mintee, thanks for the advice and all the compliments, it's lovely to hear :) I totally agree about playing games I really wanna play, it's just so much better to record (for me) and the videos are better when I'm having fun doing it. I'd love to hear some of the games you had in mind that you'd like to see me play, and hopefully there's some that I wanna play.

One thing I wanna do is Dark Souls 2 cos I'm sad that Dark Souls is gonna be coming to an end soon, but I dunno if people will be all Dark Souls'd out.

P.S. Hope you're not too disappointed about Dark Souls taking a break while I do this Xmas series. It'll be back very soon :)


We're back over to the MegaDrive/Genesis for day 5 of Platformas as we take on Kid Chameleon
Day 6 of Platformas is here

Is Aladdin the best Disney film? Is it the best Disney game? What do you think?
Day 7 of Platformas and we're taking on the role of 3 vikings lost in space in this puzzle platformer
Day 8 of Platformas and the best of the series so far. One of my favourite games of all time, Mega Man X

I also show you how to get a very secret and special weapon
Day 9 of Platformas though really is a game like no other!

We are Pierre, the french chef, trying to collect ingredients for our recipes while avoiding salmonella!
Day 10 of Platformas is here. We leave the SNES behind, and leap towards the Gamecube and imo the best 3D Mario ever made
Day 11 of Platformas is here. Get yourself some Sonic Generations before you head off to bed and wait for Santa

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Merry Christmas everyone, hope you've had a great day!

Here is day 12 and the finale of Platformas. A game I played for the very first time in this video and absolutely loved, Shovel Knight

Gimme a shout if you fancy a full playthrough of it cos I'll be playing it regardless
The Christmas series is over and now it's time to go back to an old favourite as we head back to the Gold Saucer and go on a gondola ride with our loved one
I know you've been starved of Dark Souls over the Christmas period so here it is again and we're starting the DLC today.

It's time to head off to the Temple of Ancients and fight another TWO bosses in one episode.