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ScammerAlert: dont answer to this fucking red-lip c***sucking lunatic
he will keep busting your balls thinking your a scammer

ask gog for refund and join steam ;)
he keeps asking every new joined user until they all leave

bad business for gog with forum user like this one
steam = 6000 + games , gog = 1000 old ass games
comboplayer: Same story here bro! I left months ago from here and i will never purchase anything from here.
Forums here are plague with scammers and shitheads also Steam has CS:GO :)

Accounts here get hacked by russians. And many developers will not release their games DRM-free.
So have fun waiting for a re-release here when others play the game already on steam.
than it must be some huge magic, that you managed to log in gog right now AND did find this thread AND wanted to post here :)))))))))