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Barry_Woodward: So this thread reminded me that I have a Kickstarter Steam key for the game and another for the soundtrack that I have yet to redeem. I just tried to use them and Steam said they were invalid. Hopefully this gets sorted out.
Send them an email and they should provide you with a GOG key. They were doing this a couple of weeks ago since GOG appears to be their answer to people who didn't want to use Steam. I originally received a Steam key and they sent me a GOG key very quickly. Hopefully this doesn't affect that, too.
Ancient-Red-Dragon: They want to develop RCRU for consoles? I don't think that's a good idea. RCR was cutting edge in 1989. In 2017, it's vastly obsolete, and so is RCRU. RCRU is only going to sell to its niche: fans of the original game. It's not going to sell to console players from newer generations.
Obsolete or not, its a game banking on nostalgia. They apparently think there's enough of a nostalgia market on console as well, else they wouldn't be wanting to port it there. I can't say I disagree, there are plenty of middle aged + folks that played the original RCR and would be interested in the new one, and have consoles in their living rooms.
The game has returned to Steam, with its music unaltered (at least for the time being):
If you have had a RCRU video affected by the ongoing DMCA storm, this video is for you. If you haven't, then share this video around with people who have been affected. Essentially, Leonard French wants to get the FBI's internet crimes division involved.