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Hi Redditors, reply to the thread below with your Reddit username and a little bit about yourself. This thread will allow you to quickly find and add your friends.
I'm a casual gamer, into classic adventure games, strategy games, and RPGs. Feel free to add me!

My Reddit username:
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I am curious about the Friends feature. I barely play PC games but when I do, they are typically GOG games. I am REALLY hoping Galaxy continues to improve and add features. (I'm looking at you, MP.)
/u/Mobile_Artillery reporting in
eyesfire2 ready for friend testing
You are searching for that.

(with all due respect I am not looking for reddit friends, don't send me invites if you don't know me from in here)
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Hey guys. I just wanted to get some more people on my friends list. I like having people on there, even if I may not interact with them all. I am excited for the prospects of what galaxy may hold in the future and possible mulitplayer options.

Feel free to add me back.
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Does Reddit have an active community for players of old cRPGs like Ultima, Wizardry, Might and Magic, Bard's Tale, etc.?
Hey, I might as well make a post here, too. I am currently not playing much gog games, but I am still fairly often online with the client. Feel free to add me.