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Just something I noticed in the last review I wrote.

Apparently, reviews aren't coded for indenting so all reviews(that use all characters) turn out as big blobs of text. This includes pressing enter or space to separate our paragraphs--it's simply not showing up right.

We also can't regrade our reviews... which should be added because if a developer patches their game, or a mod gets added, that saves a game from obscurity then we as gamers wouldn't want our review at the top of a game's page. Someone NEW to that game, has to play it and review it... or we can just check the date on these reviews but that's all we can do now.

These are just simple text-formatting improvements I'm suggesting.

Thanks again, Gog
This is why I decided to just post my recent reviews as forum posts in the game thread.
This is a well-known problem and there are many threads about it. Reviews on GOG used to have paragraph breaks in them before they changed/wrecked the site for the 10th Anniversary last October.

That not only prevented new reviews from having paragraphs, but it also retroactively removed all the ones that previously existed in old reviews. And it also added strange characters in the place of any '&' symbols that appear in the reviews.

So yes, GOG needs to put paragraphs back, but they also need to fix the '&' problem equally as much. And they also need to give users the ability to edit and/or delete their own reviews.