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Brains not included.

<span class="bold">Zombie Night Terror</span>, a subversive action/strategy that puts you in charge of a zombie horde just looking for a snack, is now available, DRM-free on for Windows and Mac, with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and a 15% launch discount.

Welcome to the intense, hilarious, and devilishly satisfying Zombie Night Terror! Control, manage, and guide your horde of persistent but brainless undead as they march against humans still clinging onto their lives and tasty brains. The living will set traps, barricade themselves, and whack your poor zombies with whatever weapon they can find. But all it takes is one bite and soon they will be shambling along your zombie apocalypse parade, onwards to undying glory.

Make sure no humans survive the craziness of <span class="bold">Zombie Night Terror</span>, DRM-free on If you are feeling extra wild, go ahead and <span class="bold">mutate</span> to the Special Edition, which includes the Original Soundtrack and a pack of sweet Exclusive Wallpapers.
The 15% launch discount will last until July 27, 11:59 AM UTC.

Twitter contest

That's right, we partnered up with our good friends at Gambitious and ROCCAT to make this release even sweeter!
The Gambitious horde wants to pick your brain so tweet your best zombie army name ideas to <span class="bold">@GambitiousInc</span> until July 29 for a chance to win awesome gaming swag. Oh and feel free to give them a Follow while you're there. Alternatively, you can leave a comment here!

- Grand Prize Winner
1 Brand New NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition GPU, for a rig that will outlast the zombie apocalypse!
1 copy of Zombie Night Terror

- 2nd Prize Winner
1 ROCCAT Kova gaming mouse + 1 ROCCAT Taito Control mousepad
1 copy of Zombie Night Terror

- 3rd Prize Winners
Three winners will get 1 copy of Zombie Night Terror each.

Get cracking, brainiacs!
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Is it one entry per person? Or can we submit multiple?
Well, here pretty simple and cool name:

Unstoppable Force
My zombe army name would be Knee Nibblers.
I would call them "The Brainless Ones".
Group Of Guys Who Eat Brains Good and Want To Do Other Things Good Too
I´d name my army The Gangreene Wobblers.
Celton88: Is it one entry per person? Or can we submit multiple?
I would like an answer to this question as well - I'm actually looking forward to try and win that gpu! XD
'Good Old Brains'

Tweeted here.
"Nnnggh.... BRAINS..."
The Brainless Tide
The Superstar Shamblers
The Human Cockroaches
The Zombie Zitzoids
The Brainless Butchers
The Mindless Mob
The Creeping Corpses
The Clacking Corpses
Those Who Travel By Shamblibg
The Marvelous Macabre Mutant Mob
The Tide of Doom
The Brain(less) Trust
Generic zombie hord #60,422.

Or the irresistible tide of 'Couldn't find a more original concept.'
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Z.O.M.B.I.E.: Zoned Out Mob Biting Inferior Entities

Tweeted here
Whored into transmission

I don't have Twitter :(