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<span class="bold">Worms Armageddon</span>, a spectacularly heart-worming blast from the past, is available now, DRM-free on with a 50% launch discount.

Sergeant Slimytoes looks around suspiciously. Then quietly hops behind his longtime enemy, Dr. Pinkbottom, and allows himself a malicious snicker as he lays down a huge roll of dynamite. Seconds later, the good Doctor is flying halfway through an oversized watermelon and straight into Little Spinspine, sergeant's beloved protégé. They both let out muffled cries of pain, as they roll down the cliff and into the deadly sea below. How tragic... Now let's enjoy it again on replay!
That's the unpredictable chaos and emergent fun of relentless Worms warfare! Employing dozens of crazy weapons, fully destructible maps, heavily customizable gameplay conditions, and hilarious physics, the cute-sounding invertebrates stand ready to spread mischief and mayhem in one of their most explosive adventures ever.

Grab your best buddies, open this can of little fighters, and get ready to cause <span class="bold">Worms Armageddon</span>, DRM-free on
The 50% discount will last until October 13, 12:59 PM UTC.
StepS_: Since GOG basically is the Steam version (at least, right now), it's the one you need to choose. Note, however, that ReplayShark is a little bit buggy and doesn't include any version checks, so use with caution, and always remove when a new update of the game is out... A rewrite of the module should happen in the future.
Ah. Thanks for the clarification. You might want to update the WormsKB page to reflect that the Steam version of the module is what works with the GOG version.

I hope to see this rewrite as well!
StepS_: While I don't want users to be victims of GOG's poor release implementations (Worms 2 had previously been botched in a similar way, when being put on GOG), and want everyone to enjoy these creations, at the same time I don't want to endorse this behavior from GOG.
What are the issues in the Worms 2 GOG version?
African_wildlife: What are the issues in the Worms 2 GOG version?
The only issue I’ve seen is out-of-sync intro movies. I uploaded fixed media files that you can use here:
Out of sync intro movies: fixed .wmv files (from CD version)

I sent this files to GOG several years ago, but they don’t seem to have included them in their installer yet. Maybe I should send them a reminder about this, it most likely got lost at some point.