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Transform into a wolf on a quest for redemption and blood.
Genre: Action, Adventure
Discount: 40% off the base game and Champion of Gaia Edition, as well as 20% off Champion of Gaia Pack and The Exiled One – all valid until 27th June 2022, 10 PM UTC.
Very nice.
Supposed to be somewhat of a mixed bag, but more World of Darkness is always welcome.
I´ve heard this game is quite bad, nonetheless it is World of Darkness franchise and I am glad it´s here, instabought.
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Warning you guys now, this game is bad. Unless they have fixed it since I last played it.

Let me rephrase, not fix, but improve.

Also, Champion of Gaia edition not showing?
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18 resp. 24 eurodollars for the complete package seems a reasonable gamble.
Since it's Cyanide a healthy amount of jank is to be expected as well.
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PCGamer's review seems decent out of the more positive ones. Except the short length, actually made it look sort of interesting... until that mention of single save and no backtracking at the end. Gah.
This game has awful criticism and I have a enormous list of great pending games to play, so with much regret I have no time to find out the truth, at least the one that fits my tastes.

I'm going to pass this time, but I'm interested in other Nacom titles, especially racing games like Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown (with some reservations about the final result) or RiMS Racing. And of course rpgs from Spiders and others.
Nice, great to see more of these games here. Instabuy for me !
I was surprised by this title. First of all, it reminded me of the recent Kill Team Kill episode of Love, Death and Robots from this third season. Which I loved. :P The game looks good. And in the last few months I've been inclined to play action titles like this one. I'm going to wait to see the owners' reviews before I make any purchases. Thanks, GOG!
TheCleaner517: Also, Champion of Gaia edition not showing?
As of now, I can see it at

However, there seem to be some long delays with database updates, so search results for today's releases don't link to their proper pages. Rustler had the same problem yesterday and now works, so presumably today's releases will work tomorrow.
I like the World of Darkness suff though I heard this one is not so god. I suppose I will end trying it on a sale anyway
I like the wolf form! Is it a gimmick for a level of freely usable?
Gimme Birdman instead!
Dogmaus: I like the wolf form! Is it a gimmick for a level of freely usable?
According to reviews, you can switch between human and wolf at will, human being required to interact with things, wolf for stealth, while werewolf form is switched to automatically when you're detected by enemies, and out of when the combat ends.
Does this game have anything to do with Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest? As a sequel or is it all new?