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<span class="bold">Wasteland 2: Director's Cut</span>, the ultimate version of inXile's ultimate post-apo RPG is here, available now, DRM-free on

The wasteland series is simultaneously the mother, grandfather, and weird uncle of post-apocalyptic gaming, reactive RPG gameplay, and huge, huge freedom. It's a series that pioneered multi-path problem solving, difficult, long-lasting choices and the power to determine your playstyle. It's the essence of what mature RPGs should be.

Today, Wasteland 2 becomes even better with the Director's Cut upgrade, free for everyone who owns the game already.
The Director's Cut upgrade features a complete graphics overhaul. Upgraded to the newest version of the Unity 5 engine, it runs better, supports controllers, and looks more beautiful than ever with all-new environment art, character models, and enhanced light and shadows.

In Wasteland 2: Director's Cut you'll also be treated to over 8,000 new lines of engaging, voiced dialog, as well as completely new gameplay elements: Perks are bonuses allowing you to achieve a new level of mastery in your skills, while Quirks - personality traits that come with a bit of the good, and a bit of the bad - allow you to put a personal twist on your new characters.

Your classic edition comes complete with a copy of: Wasteland 1, Concept Art Book, Choir Songs EP,Wasteland 2 OST.

Or you can go all-out with the Deluxe Edition for even more extra content including: The Bard’s Tale, Novella-All Bad Things, Novella-Earth Transformed, Novella-Death Machines and all the Classic edition goodies.

Return to the wasteland with <span class="bold">Wasteland 2: Director's Cut</span>, available now, DRM-free on
Post edited October 15, 2015 by Paczyk
Just got an Email and I can now see the Directors cut, Ty Gog
Also just got mine \o/
One thing GoG do really well: Download bandwidth, maxing out my 240mbps connection :)
Post edited October 15, 2015 by KhelgarFK
Got it, and upgraded to the Classic Edition too, thanks GOG! Seems like the Bard's Tale IV backers were in the final batch.
Just got the email that my Director's Cut was added to my account. I was also a Bard's Tale IV backer.
My Director's Cut is also on the shelf now. Glad to see it sorted out :)
Are we supposed to have both the dc and the... errm... non-dc version on the shelf? I thought the new one would replace the other.
Got my Director's Cut, thank you! Can't wait to get home and spend a few hours creating my party. :)
AndyBuzz: Are we supposed to have both the dc and the... errm... non-dc version on the shelf? I thought the new one would replace the other.
We keep both. In case we prefer playing the original version.
I also got the director's cut. Thank you GOG!
Telika: We keep both. In case we prefer playing the original version.
Thanks. I thought DC had only improvements on the menu :P
Other than dropping WinXP support that is, although I'm pretty sure many would consider that an improvement too.
Anyway nice to know. :)
Awesome GOG thanks! :) A nice suprise after just arriving home from work!
Received it now as well. Thank you for the extra surprise!
Finally. I got it, too. Download started
Can someone here tell me which version of Wasteland 2 comes with Bard's Tale IV?
Now the entry fof "W2: DC" is in my library! Hurray! Only 2 days passed!

Now the next part: whether the game launches or not. I've heard the Linux version is still somewhat buggy.

P.S. Does anyone know why the Windows version is only 6,<something> GB large while the Linux and Mac vesions arew 9,1 GB? Did they used some super-high-end compression algorithm to pack the Windows version?