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<span class="bold">Wasteland 2: Director's Cut</span>, the ultimate version of inXile's ultimate post-apo RPG is here, available now, DRM-free on

The wasteland series is simultaneously the mother, grandfather, and weird uncle of post-apocalyptic gaming, reactive RPG gameplay, and huge, huge freedom. It's a series that pioneered multi-path problem solving, difficult, long-lasting choices and the power to determine your playstyle. It's the essence of what mature RPGs should be.

Today, Wasteland 2 becomes even better with the Director's Cut upgrade, free for everyone who owns the game already.
The Director's Cut upgrade features a complete graphics overhaul. Upgraded to the newest version of the Unity 5 engine, it runs better, supports controllers, and looks more beautiful than ever with all-new environment art, character models, and enhanced light and shadows.

In Wasteland 2: Director's Cut you'll also be treated to over 8,000 new lines of engaging, voiced dialog, as well as completely new gameplay elements: Perks are bonuses allowing you to achieve a new level of mastery in your skills, while Quirks - personality traits that come with a bit of the good, and a bit of the bad - allow you to put a personal twist on your new characters.

Your classic edition comes complete with a copy of: Wasteland 1, Concept Art Book, Choir Songs EP,Wasteland 2 OST.

Or you can go all-out with the Deluxe Edition for even more extra content including: The Bard’s Tale, Novella-All Bad Things, Novella-Earth Transformed, Novella-Death Machines and all the Classic edition goodies.

Return to the wasteland with <span class="bold">Wasteland 2: Director's Cut</span>, available now, DRM-free on
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Where is the Linux version for the Director's Cut ?
It's already available on Steam .

berillions: Where is the Linux version for the Director's Cut ?
It's already available on Steam .

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Nevermind, ninja'd.
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Zoidberg: Still at a disgustingly unfair price, still not interested.

I still have to gather the courage to do the first two Fallouts anyway... :P
Niggles: Do you actually buy anything from here, or just sit around criticising every release?
147 games in my account. So yeah, thanks for the non argument. :)

And critique is good - whether positive... or negative - and I do both.
me and a friend planned a nice Wasteland 2 GOTY Edition evening/night, since we completed the original W2 on all difficulty levels and ofc finished the original wasteland in 1988 :-) .... so please GOG activate our version in the lib soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

tyvm !
mirkobern: still no luck on the director's cut for a backer (from torment kickstarter)
GR00T: Give it time. This is GOG, after all. They always seem to overlook something on anticipated releases, but they always get it fixed eventually.
Not sure whether I should be happy about this trend.

I also have Pillars of Eternity from Kickstarter (and the full expansion as a PayPal upgrade) and I've yet to redeem my keys for that reason alone.
Generally speaking, when given the option I prefer GoG over Steam but to be frank, the way they handled Wasteland 2 from start to finish has me doubting whether they can manage a game with frequent patching/content updates (the Witcher series notwithstanding obviously).
Ganni1987: Can you please address the lack of a Linux version issue too please?
Paczyk: The Linux version is unfortunately delayed because of a game-breaking bug we've found in the release version. The ETA is tomorrow.
Would have been nice to see this piece of information in the top post. Thanks though.
Wasteland 2 - DC crashes on startscreen, windows reported wl2.exe funktioniert nicht mehr.
Anyone else have the same problem ?

Found the following in the inxile forum:

A guy from customer service recommended me this fix

- Right click on Wasteland 2.
- Copy and paste "-force-d3d9" (no quotes) into launch options

He said there seem to be a problem with their new DirectX 11 render, this will basically will force you to use directx9 until they fix it.
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Quick question, if I redeem a copy of the original version now, should I be getting this version? I thought I had redeemed it a couple of days ago :(

Am I out of luck regarding the DC version? I just redeemed it a short while ago and can only see the classic version in my library.
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Reever: Argh, fuck it, just noticed the game won't work on 32-bit machines, so yeah, won't be playing this for quite some time.
I bought my first 64-bit cpu (Athlon 64) more than ten years ago...;) Why people stuck with 32-bits is beyond me, frankly. It won't be long before 32-bits is pretty much dropped everywhere, similar to how 16-bit computing & cpus have died. Best budget & buy ASAP--it's an *excellent* time to buy a new motherboard & cpu. Demand has shrunk temporarily and when that happens prices drop!
Another kickstarter backer (Bard's Tale) that doesn't have the upgraded version in library reporting in!

Also, as already been said, keeping different versions for backers and normal buyers is asking for trouble. Missing links on the gamecard, not showing as owned and problems with upgrading and now updating the game are down to this practice. It seems really strange since in most of the cases there is zero difference from the base game normally sold. I can only guess that is a maintenance burden as well, but it's a relatively safe bet. Why is GOG doing that?
AndyBuzz: Another kickstarter backer (Bard's Tale) that doesn't have the upgraded version in library reporting in! ...
Me too, I think. But how can I find out?
AndyBuzz: Another kickstarter backer (Bard's Tale) that doesn't have the upgraded version in library reporting in!

Why is GOG doing that?
Same here.
I don't know why they do it, but it is extremely annyoing. Was thinking about taking the day off, glad I didn't.
Here another backer. I purchased the option with both games (Torment + Wasteland 2), so I've got the basic edition. I'll be waiting the solution. I'm not in a hurry.

It would be a good idea to take note of the problem in order to it won't repeat in a future. That includes the problem with the updates in the basic edition, please don't forget it. I'm baker of Torment and The Bard's Tale IV.