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<span class="bold">Wasteland 2: Director's Cut</span>, the ultimate version of inXile's ultimate post-apo RPG is here, available now, DRM-free on

The wasteland series is simultaneously the mother, grandfather, and weird uncle of post-apocalyptic gaming, reactive RPG gameplay, and huge, huge freedom. It's a series that pioneered multi-path problem solving, difficult, long-lasting choices and the power to determine your playstyle. It's the essence of what mature RPGs should be.

Today, Wasteland 2 becomes even better with the Director's Cut upgrade, free for everyone who owns the game already.
The Director's Cut upgrade features a complete graphics overhaul. Upgraded to the newest version of the Unity 5 engine, it runs better, supports controllers, and looks more beautiful than ever with all-new environment art, character models, and enhanced light and shadows.

In Wasteland 2: Director's Cut you'll also be treated to over 8,000 new lines of engaging, voiced dialog, as well as completely new gameplay elements: Perks are bonuses allowing you to achieve a new level of mastery in your skills, while Quirks - personality traits that come with a bit of the good, and a bit of the bad - allow you to put a personal twist on your new characters.

Your classic edition comes complete with a copy of: Wasteland 1, Concept Art Book, Choir Songs EP,Wasteland 2 OST.

Or you can go all-out with the Deluxe Edition for even more extra content including: The Bard’s Tale, Novella-All Bad Things, Novella-Earth Transformed, Novella-Death Machines and all the Classic edition goodies.

Return to the wasteland with <span class="bold">Wasteland 2: Director's Cut</span>, available now, DRM-free on
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yyahoo: There was talk that the copy of Wasteland 2 that was included as part of the Bard's Tale 4 Kickstarter was going to be the "Classic" version, but I'm seeing people now talking about not yet receiving the DC of WL2 (which is a symptom of only having a basic KS backer key) and having received the game through the BT4 Kickstarter. So, can anybody confirm whether the BT4 keys for WL2 were basic keys or "Classic" edition keys?
Seems like it was the basic version after all.
AndyBuzz: Another kickstarter backer (Bard's Tale) that doesn't have the upgraded version in library reporting in!

Also, as already been said, keeping different versions for backers and normal buyers is asking for trouble. Missing links on the gamecard, not showing as owned and problems with upgrading and now updating the game are down to this practice. It seems really strange since in most of the cases there is zero difference from the base game normally sold. I can only guess that is a maintenance burden as well, but it's a relatively safe bet. Why is GOG doing that?
That's always the reason for stupid decisions everywhere.

i add my voice as a backer without the DC edition available...
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waltc: I bought my first 64-bit cpu (Athlon 64) more than ten years ago...;) Why people stuck with 32-bits is beyond me, frankly. It won't be long before 32-bits is pretty much dropped everywhere, similar to how 16-bit computing & cpus have died. Best budget & buy ASAP--it's an *excellent* time to buy a new motherboard & cpu. Demand has shrunk temporarily and when that happens prices drop!
Reever: To be honest I never thought about the differences, I pretty much always had a 32-bit system [I guess that's it: people with very little technical knowledge just get the first thing they can get their hands on/whatever is recommended]. Learned about the advantages of 64-bit later and now I'm stuck with a laptop anyway (and with not enough money to get another one). So I'm hoping this one will hold out and I'll get a 64-bit machine next ;)

And if I really wanna play W2, I can just play the original version. But I still have so many other games on my backlog...
Understood...laptops are problematic since they don't take hardware upgrades kindly...;) Yes, you have some time, I suspect, but more and more games are going 64-bits only. Later on if you can swing it...get yourself a desktop for gaming--if you really like to game, of course. It's by far the best gaming platform there is, imo, and today you can buy everything you need for ~$700 and be able to play any game out there...Good luck, and sorry you had to miss out on this one...!
Paczyk: Hi guys,

We are aware of the issue which causes some Kickstarter backers to not get the Director's Cut version. We've found the the cause of the problem and we are working on a fix that should be ready today.

If you are affected by this and you would like to play the game now, please contact our support department and we will add the game manually to your account.

I'm very sorry for this mistake.

This problem only affects kickstarter backers who have the basic edition, not the classic or deluxe.
Did this 4 hours ago. This post appears to be false. When is a reasonable time to expect the system wide update?
Any chance we get an update about availability for the KS backers?
Problem would be solved later today, but that does not seem to be happening anymore. Tomorrow? After that?

I know I have the change to contact support and ask them to manually add the DC to my account, but I did not bother as the problem would be fixed soon anyway.

If the fix is going to take a long time I will contact support, but I don't want to waste their time if it will be fixed soon.
Reever: You guys should really learn to edit in announcements like these in the original post....
I did, and the office day is long over. No fix yet, at least for me.
And it's just nice to know they don't even mind a bigger announcement.

Maybe they are working overtime....
Small update regarding the missing Director's Cut for Kickstarter backers: unfortunatelly it will not be fixed today. We'll be working on it around the clock tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvienience this situations may cause.
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Thank you gog for the update.

I've got a question, that's obviously just out of curiosity since I already own WL2. But since I (and others) own WL2, we have 2 separate "games" basically, the "original" version and the Director's Cut version. What happens when someone who has not ever owned the game buys it now after today? Will they also get the "original" version and thus have "two" versions in their library or will they only get the Director's Cut version?

Sorry if that as already been asked and answered.
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If you buy Wasteland 2 now (and in the future) you also get both the Director's Cut and Original editions.
Chamb: If you buy Wasteland 2 now (and in the future) you also get both the Director's Cut and Original editions.
Oh, wow, THANK YOU very much. Hope you guys have a good evening. I'd buy you all a cold one if I could, from the tone of this thread I'm betting you guys could use it. LOL
Yay! Finally got downvoted for something, even if it was as mild as having a sense of humor on a forum where everyone has an object up their ass. It took long enough. ^^
Chamb: Small update regarding the missing Director's Cut for Kickstarter backers: unfortunatelly it will not be fixed today. We'll be working on it around the clock tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvienience this situations may cause.
Obviously a bit disappointed to hear this, but I appreciate the update :)
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Chamb: Small update regarding the missing Director's Cut for Kickstarter backers: unfortunatelly it will not be fixed today. We'll be working on it around the clock tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvienience this situations may cause.
Well that sucks... guess I won't be playing it tonight then... one more day won't kill me I guess /twitch
Kunovski: so, I played this game as a kickstarter backer when it was released, for about 10 hours... after that I stopped because:

- I hated how all your team members need to cover ALL skills, have to level them all like crazy, and yet it's never enough (all the time you come across a safe you can't open... or a person you can't persuade... or some other place you'd like to see / experience but can't because of this) - so instead of getting better at shooting or being stronger, you just wait and grind and wait to get better at lockpicking so you don't have to come back for a single door
This is working as intended. The idea is you're _not_ supposed to be able to take every dialogue option and open every safe and do every quest and unlock every achievement in a single plauthrough, it's part of the content that is "locked out" because you made certain choices for your character skills. When you replay the game you unlock these and lock others, and so on, thus providing a different experience (you know, "role-playing"). Similar thing happens in Fallout 1, 2 and most old school cRPGs.

- and when you finally get better at lockpicking and open the door, there's nothing useful there! man, you should have just forgotten all these and focus on shooting people! but then, you meet that guy that can be persuaded if you just had one more point in talking...
See, that just proves my point. Opening the safe wasn't intended to be very important and game breaking if you don't manage to, it's just providing some advantages to the (otherwise weak) characters that specialize in lock picking. Each arch-type of character build (fighter, rogue, diplomat) provides certain things that they can do and others don't and hopefully if the game is well balanced all arch-types can finish it.

did any of this improve in Director's Cut? if not, I'm not coming back...
This is not a Bethesda game. Bethesda specifically designs their games so that almost all content can be "consumed" in a single playthrough, old school cRPGs do the opposite.
Am i the only one, who's falling to desktop, while the game crashes in startscreen ? :(