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Through steam and high water.

Vaporum is now available, DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount until October 5, 5PM UTC.
Crawl through the grid-based levels of a tower standing in the middle of the ocean, solve puzzles and vaporize its steam-powered inhabitants. As you gradually upgrade your versatile exoskeleton and unlock more powerful gadgets, you will be able to explore deeper and learn the inconvenient truths pervading this mysterious place.

Watch the trailer.
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Looks interesting to me. This is a bit concerning, "use both your wits and reflexes", as both of those are dwindling with old age especially when I need to combine them.
Boilpoint: Anyone else get a Grimrock gameplay with Bioshock inspired story vibe from this? Could be interesting, just maybe not super original (ofcourse that's just from watching a trailer).
It's Bioshock for me.
tarasis: Looks very interesting. Would like to see a bit of a playthrough, or a demo.
drmike: Picked at random:
Cheers :)
Instabuy, thank you, GOG! :)
As a fan of this genre I hope many more of these type of games make it to GOG, both new and old. I see nothing wrong with how the game looks. It looks fantastic. But I will admit I am more of a fan of various older graphic styles, and if the game had gone in that direction, great, but the game looks fine. What I do care about is how it plays.

Interesting setting too.
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I loved both Grimrocks, but for some reason I just don't feel like crawling more dark, oppressive dungeons. At least not now.
Most definitely getting this as its grimrockian gorgeousness is great!
Good release! Looks nice, it reminds me Legends of Grimrock, and Bioshock. ^_^
ped7g: Went into wishlist, looks interesting, waiting for 70-90% sale, as it doesn't support linux, otherwise I would buy immediately.
That is said to depend on the Windows sales:

So, dear Windows gamers, please buy the game en masse if the reviews find it worthwhile. :)
Is this turn-based? My reflexes are not what it used to be...
Devspar: Is this turn-based? My reflexes are not what it used to be...
Sorry, but no, it's real-time.
low rated
Oh, good... Ehm, does anybody else want to give Legends of Grimrock a reskin?

The more I look onto modern games the more I like the Good and Old ones. It seems the ideas ran out in our times. How could it be, having such a upgraded technology, to show such a lack of creativity, novelty and PLAYABILITY? Maybe these are the facts interrelated?

I'd rather give Eye of the Beholder or better Dungeon Master another (hundredth) go than to waste my time on modern oh-so-high-tech-super-hyper-5D-visually-stunning-64bit-only- ... ehm, products.
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low rated
Oh great, it's a real-time blobber meaning that the entire gameplay will be based around dancing the tiles around your enemy and attacking before the enemy can turn to face you, just like Grimrock. What a waste of a game.
high rated
Bui-Tur: It seems the ideas ran out in our times.
Indeed. I mean, Doom-clone and Roguelike are terms coined in the last few years, not decades ago. Not to mention that Street Fighter and Diablo never had any imitators at all.
Yes, the above is sarcasm. Whenever something becomes a financial success, others will copy it. Doesn't matter the decade, doesn't matter the medium.
Gameplay on youtube looks a lot nicer than the screenshots! Worth checking out. Since I haven't had the time to dig into LOG2 yet, this is whishlisted for now (sorry guys!).