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<span class="bold">The Wolf Among Us</span>, a comic book inspired Telltale Games episodic adventure, is available now, DRM-free on with a 75% launch discount.

<span class="bold">The Wolf Among Us</span>, considered by many to sit among the best-told Telltale Game adventures, is a prequel to the stories told in the award-winning comic book series called "Fables". In a world where fairy tales and folklore are real, Fables - those who are unable to blend in, must find their own place in the world. But you're different, you're Bigby Wolf (formerly known as Big Bad Wolf), a Werewolf capable of taking on human form, employed as the sheriff of Fabletown. Your dark, murder-mystery is about to begin. <span class="bold">The Wolf Among Us</span> features a greatly improved choice-and-consequence system, allowing you to choose not only what you do - but when and how you do it. It's a gritty and branching story with true decisions and real consequences. Whether you're a fan of the comics, or if you're about to discover it for the first time, you just can't miss out on the beautifully stylized, mature world of Fables.

<span class="bold">The Wolf Among Us</span> is available now, DRM-free on! The launch discount will last for 48 hours, until Thursday, June 11, 11:59 AM GMT.
katatonicone: They are up now. Apologies for the delay!
Awesome! Much appreciated! ^_^
$25.09 with 75% off .. Riiiiiiiiiiight.
bouncedk: $25.09 with 75% off .. Riiiiiiiiiiight.
The discount ended some hours ago.
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Was excited to see This and TWD here as I've been wanting to get them for a bit and the price during the sale was something I couldn't pass up. I had heard great reviews about Wolf on the old Joystiq podcast (RIP) and so after downloading both this and TWD I had to decide which to install and play first. Since I watch TWD and basically know the world, but have never read the Fable comics I decided to start with Wolf...super glad I did. I am blown away! Characters, voice acting, everything is just drawing me in...I'm already 3 eps into it and I rarely go through a game that fast. I have to ration my time only doing part or all of an ep in one sitting and resist the temptation to keep going right away. Super job GOG. We'll see if TWD can do the same for me, but I think Wolf is definitely more in my wheelhouse.