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<span class="bold">The Wolf Among Us</span>, a comic book inspired Telltale Games episodic adventure, is available now, DRM-free on with a 75% launch discount.

<span class="bold">The Wolf Among Us</span>, considered by many to sit among the best-told Telltale Game adventures, is a prequel to the stories told in the award-winning comic book series called "Fables". In a world where fairy tales and folklore are real, Fables - those who are unable to blend in, must find their own place in the world. But you're different, you're Bigby Wolf (formerly known as Big Bad Wolf), a Werewolf capable of taking on human form, employed as the sheriff of Fabletown. Your dark, murder-mystery is about to begin. <span class="bold">The Wolf Among Us</span> features a greatly improved choice-and-consequence system, allowing you to choose not only what you do - but when and how you do it. It's a gritty and branching story with true decisions and real consequences. Whether you're a fan of the comics, or if you're about to discover it for the first time, you just can't miss out on the beautifully stylized, mature world of Fables.

<span class="bold">The Wolf Among Us</span> is available now, DRM-free on! The launch discount will last for 48 hours, until Thursday, June 11, 11:59 AM GMT.
That's all nice and lovely, but can you re-enable the "owned" and "wishlisted' features on the site? For everyone?
Trying to make a purchase is a major PITA without them, and an appealing incentive to not buy anything.
This is great, thank you GOG. The Wolf Among Us was one of the many titles I was waiting for! I'm so glad I waited this much, at least with this one...well, maybe now we can get the new releases the same time as Steam.
Looks interesting, but is it "cinematic" like Game of Thrones? Because I want to point-and-click-play an adventure not watch a movie-like ...
DizNL: I'm not familiar with these comics. Will i still enjoy this?
Tekkaman-James: Absolutely! The story of the Wolf Among Us is set 20 years before the first issue of Fables happens. Between the encyclopedia that katatonicone mentioned and the dialogue shared between the characters, you get more than enough backstory and world development to fully enjoy the game.

Maighstir: So... this one any good/interesting?
Tekkaman-James: If you like fairy tales, noir detective stories, and/or interactive fiction point-n-clicks, it doesn't get much better than this. Especially at this incredibly discounted price. Plus, you get to play as the Big Bad Wolf. I mean, come on! ^_^
Thanks! will add it to my wishlist! :D
deonast: I'm in the 1000+ game club if there is such a thing.

To a club that does not exist, of course. First rule and all.

(Your information is on its way.)
Steakosaurus: And yet they label it as "point&click". *sighs*
The story might be amazing, but I'd like to actually, you know, do stuff. Interactivity and such. That's the greatest strength of the medium after all.
Maybe it's just not my cup of tea, but I don't see why anyone would put plot over gameplay. Telltale could easily improve their storytelling by moving away from cinematic QTEs and focusing on what games do best. Don't just show us the cool stuff, let us DO the cool stuff.
P1na: The ones who "put plot over gameplay" watch movies. This is something in between, I guess.

Sometimes I'm in the mood to play, sometimes I'm in the mood to watch, sometimes I feel in between. We're all different and have mood swings, it's good that we are covered all around.
I'm that way with movies too. There are some days I'm in the mood for a comedy, then other days an action movie. Not sure what influences one or the other (although that would be nice to know).
I'll just add this one to the wishlist along with The Walking Dead. Thanks for the release! :)
i don't generally like telltale, but instabought because wolf among us was /generally/ amazing. [barring one or two really dumb plot points that telltale forced you into]
How long is the game?
Shambhala: How long is the game?
Length will vary depending on how detail oriented you decide to be, but I would say the average for a single playthrough is between 6-10 hours. Of course, the game forces you to make tough choices, so there is a bit of replay value if you want to go back and make different decisions. Doing so is necessary if you want to complete your encyclopedia and/or get all the achievements.
Great! Glad that I didn't buy it on Steam when it was on sale.

But wow, zero extras. Not even wallpapers. I think these new Telltale games are the first case I've seen without bonus goodies. At least it's DRM-free...
My comment didn't register?

tl;dr: glad to have it here. I'll buy it now. Pity about 0 bonus goodies.
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the game is on the shelf , at this nice price i decided to get it, all seasons for only 5.97 euro
are all the parts inside the 4.8 gb download? or will it be 5x 4.8 gb?

havent downloaded it yet
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Mac version please or it didn't happen.
I'm confused about file sizes. The product info on my shelf says 5Gb, GOG Galaxy says its 6Gb, but the Galaxy downloader downloads 11Gb. Am I missing something?
Tekkaman-James: I'm confused about file sizes. The product info on my shelf says 5Gb, GOG Galaxy says its 6Gb, but the Galaxy downloader downloads 11Gb. Am I missing something?
Sounds like between 5 and 6 gigs *bah dum chaa* I'll be here all night kids! ;)