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Night at the museum.

<span class="bold">The Dagger of Amon Ra</span>, Laura Bow's sophomore adventure as an intrepid journalist/crime-solver, is now available, DRM-free on!

A year after dealing with the Colonel's Bequest, Laura attempts to take a bite out of The Big Apple when assigned a story about the prized Egyptian dagger that just became part of the Leyendecker Museum's collection. Of course, the night of the grand opening will be riddled with bloody murder, shocked aristocrats, and many many clues.
Awesome, except for the part where it's two games and not a bundle, WTF Activision?
great addition!!!!!!
Hell, Yeah!
gibbeynator: Awesome, except for the part where it's two games and not a bundle, WTF Activision?
Probably because selling both games as bundle for $9.99 wasn't expensive enough. :D
Should be in a bundle with the first one.
Are those ScummVM packages?
It would be nice to have some "Powered by ScummVM" or "Powered by DosBox" on the game's pages - credit were credit is due!

And yet again I wonder about the absence of Linux support/downloads of obvious ScummVM-packages.

Also both together should cost as much as one at maximum.
No Activision, I don't believe we can make a deal this way, get Linux and your prices right or bugger off.
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Love at first sight.
Awesome, thanks GOG!
YESSS! Yes yes yes! :D I'm so happy to see the Laura Bow games here! I was hoping they would find their way to GOG one day!

Finances are really tight right now, but these will be the top priority of my wishlist for when things settle down. :)
Instabought! Downloading...
Oh, happy day!!!!

Thank you, GOG!!!!!! :-)
Another good old game hits gog, fantastic.
Good work Activision (and GOG). You guys earned valentines' hearts this year!
Isis! Isis! Ra Ra Ra!
This one using ScummVM 1.9.0, too.