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Alien threat [redacted].

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM, 80% off until August 20nd, 6pm UTC.

The government denies knowledge but they are here. With the Cold War paranoia at its breaking point, a unit of elite operatives must investigate and eliminate the extra-terrestrial threat away from the unsuspecting public eye. As agent Carter you must assemble and co-ordinate your top-secret team, make decisions under fire, and use advanced technology to outsmart the crafty aliens in this third-person shooter spinoff to the beloved tactical series.
tinyE: I thought XCom were all TBS but that isn't specified here.

Is this TBS?
No, but you can slow down time.

Edit: from the RPS review

"To use abilities, the player activates Battle Focus, which slows the game down, highlights all enemies and brings up a dial from which orders can be selected. Each agent’s commands take up a third of the wheel and the system works elegantly, the camera zipping to a position behind the character as the cursor moves into their quadrant. And then, as an order is given, it becomes apparent that the targeting cursor must be moved through the level like a person, becoming stuck on walls and requiring careful manoeuvring. It’s slow and unnecessarily clunky, losing all of its elegance mid-way through the process, like a ballerina with sudden and explosive diarrhoea.

Basic human functions are available for selection – move here, shoot that thing and that thing only until it is dead – but the men of XCOM are not entirely stupid. They don’t use their magical powers unless the boss man tells them to, but they will use cover in their vicinity semi-intelligently and target threats appropriately.

The system is at its best when carrying out COMBO KILLS, which aren’t as obnoxious as they sound, despite the game flashing up a celebratory message whenever one occurs. They involve such joys as lifting an alien from behind cover, suspending it in the air, and then having a sniper perform a critical strike, killing it one hit. There are also happy tactical moments, such as realising how to take down a Sectopod effectively, using space and positioning to become Davids against Goliath."
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tinyE: I thought XCom were all TBS but that isn't specified here.

Is this TBS?
MadalinStroe: Nope! Third person shooter. think Tomb Raider, but with more hiding behind cover, and poping up to shoot.
...also with two companions who you get to order around (and choose before the mission starts), classes, skills opening on level-ups and a somewhat interesting plot with a twist (hint: about the main character) you can't possibly see coming. :-)
vadalma2018: Is this a strategy game?
EDIT: ah, nevermind. I somehow missed the part "action game". Interesting. Never heard of this game.
BoBFiSh: If I remember it well enough it was kind of a third-person cover strategy game. There was definitely a certain way of approaching many of the situations and you would move through a fairly linear (with occasional branching locations) set of set pieces in a mission.

It was fun for what it was, in my opinion.
Thank you for your answer. Wow, it sure is an interesting read. Will have to watch some videos first.
Not like Classic XCOM but one of the few games I actually finished for a change. I'd say it's absolutely worth it if you think you'll enjoy a slightly tactical cover shooter.

That said, the biggest feeling I ended up being left with is 'missed potential'. It could have been so much better. Especially the base aspect was way underused. I still enjoyed what was there though.
Omg! So unexpected. Great release and the price is steal.

For anyone wondering, it plays like Mass Effect. You have a hub, missions with optional objectives or exploring additional information and shooting part. It was also nice that characters weren't exactly like sanitized clichés from 50s.

However it is not that as long as ME and is more streamlined. You can do a bit of tactical planning while the time is frozen.
BreOl72: a ballerina with sudden and explosive diarrhoea.
I'd pay $4 just to see that if it were in a game.

Yes, I know it's not... or is it? :)
Oohh baby,we got a big fish here.Thank you 2K for keeping the DRM-free train rolling and GOG for doing the nasty stuff in the basement ;p.Cheers
Thank you so much for adding this!

I like the XCOM universe and this looks fun. It reminds me a lot of Valkyria Chronicles and I love that series.
vadalma2018: Is this a strategy game?
It's the Mass Effect fights set in a 1960s xcom universe.
low rated
Pretty meh.
Consider me interested. It's still a shame that they scrapped their original vision of a much stranger alien design.
A new release with an 80% launch discount, that does not happen too often. Unfortunately it comes with no Linux support.
Nice release!

I hope to see more 2k games here soon.
More 2K, horray!