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Is it Thursday yet? Yes it is.

<span class="bold">The Age of Decadence</span>, a dark, brutal, low-fantasy RPG of choice and consequence, is available now - DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.

The Age of Decadence is many things.
It's "an isometric, turn-based, single-player role-playing game set in a low magic, post-apocalyptic fantasy world, inspired by the fall of the Roman Empire." How unique does that sound? Pretty darn unique.

It's a brutal game. It's a game about the brutality and consequences of being human. Instead of saving the world from an all-encompassing evil, you'll discover a world that's already gone to hell, and you'll soon learn why.

It's an incredibly open game. The Age of Decadence respects your right to be a pacifist. A lying, manipulative pacifist. It's a game that'll remind you of a classic text adventure with branching choices and betrayal at every corner. It's also a game with incredible replayability - the choices you make and your origin will influence the game in ways significant enough that you'll feel compelled just to see the other side of the story. Whether an assassin, a drifter, a merchant or a merc - you'll have a thousand stories to tell, and few of them will end well. Check out our own early impressions of the game still in development.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. <span class="bold">The Age of Decadence</span> is available now, DRM-free on The launch discount will last until Monday, October 19, 12:59 PM GMT.

In the Press:
"Even walking the non-violent path, this game is no picnic, unless it’s a picnic covered with ants who act friendly, lure you into an alley, and then beat the shit out of you." --RockPaperShotgun
Last I played this, the combat was such that playing a multi-skilled character is almost a death sentence, at least for Imperial Guard and Mercenary. Though I do remember playing a minmax 10 Perception, 10 Strength Archer build and finishing Teron.
gamesfreak64: well i am a games fanatic or freak (as in my name) i dont look much at what others think i mainly judge a game by myself and might take some magazine recommendations and review along with it when i buy a game.
80% or more is my sole discision, i dont let my judgement clouded by any professional magazines.
i bought some games in the past and recently aswell, people said 'iew' in review, but as long as i like the game and have fun, its well spend money.
Its like having a girl/boyfriend or spousse, as long as you 2 are happy and lucky, we dontc are about what others say.
But if the game is doubtful i sometimes consult a magzine or online review, the final decison is always with me regardless of how many downvotes the game had or low reviews.
Good for you. I like your approach. However, it leaves one open question: how do you actually decide which game to buy or not to buy? If you are not listening to others and do in general not really read a lot of reviews, how do you know if a game might be good or bad? Or do you just buy all the games out there that roughly fit your preferred genres or maybe you randomly pick games?

My buying strategy is to formulate certain expectations and then wait a while and then read reviews or watch play-videos and then buy it or not. Although I guess quite a big part is also gut feeling and the descriptiona and the screenshots. I guess I'm quite dependent on others opinions in this regard. I would hardly spent time playing a game everyone else says is rubbish - even if this might be unfair in some cases because it might actually be a good game at least for me.
lowyhong: ITZ HAS COME!!
No, no, save that for Grimoire :D
JudasIscariot: break in somewhere and steal the family jewels :D
JudasIscariot: break in somewhere and steal the family jewels :D
JMich: O_o
Get your mind out of the gutter, sir :P
Anyway would love to D1P this but I really can't afford it until the 25th :(

And thanks to the amazing generosity of JudasIscariot and Starmaker, I now have it in my library. With this, MADMAN, Wasteland 2 DC, Serpent in the Staglands, etc, there's just so much incline it brings a tear to my eye.
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JMich: O_o
JudasIscariot: Get your mind out of the gutter, sir :P
Me? You are the one making all the dirty references...
After playing for about 1 hour, this is some good shit!
Petrell: They share the same engine (Torque) and Iron Tower Studio helped DoubleBear in development of Dead State:

DoubleBear Productions is an indie game studio founded in June 2009 by writer and game designer Brian Mitsoda. The studio intends to specialize in PC role-playing video games. Its first and current project is Dead State, a turn-based PC RPG set in a zombie apocalypse scenario.The studio is working with Iron Tower Studio on the project, and the game will be utilizing The Age of Decadence's game engine.
Thought it looked familiar -- thanks for clearing that up!
Wow! After many many years I get to play this! But there's also Wasteland 2 (finally added to my account), and Divinity: OS Enhanced it's on it's way... when to play all this?!?!?

It is by far the most innovative cRPG since a very, very long time, not only because of unique setting and lore but also because of non-standard approach "from zero to slightly more than zero" instead of "from zero to hero" like in most cRPGs. And even though you won't slay a dragon here the things you can do are way more memorable to me than any fight in Baldur's Gate for example. You can experience it quite early by playing as an assassin - the last mission in Teron is just superb. In Maadoran and Ganezzar there are even more epic things you can do (don't want to spoil it by giving specifics).

But the real strength of Age of Decadence lies in its writing and combat. Quests are memorable and fresh (no fetch quests here, well maybe with one exception that has a hilarious twist at the end), characters seem to be made from flesh and blood (in my top 10 of most memorable characters in any game Age of Decadence would take most of the spots) and the plot is exquisite but to learn all the pieces you have to play for every guild. Which reminds me, I don't know another game that allows to see the same events from a different POV. Now that is awesome! What's more, combat is one of the best I've seen in any cRPG - even though you have less weapons than in Fallout 2 you can do so much more with them.
Reever: Were you the one who tested the game before?
I saw you asking for some advice over on the Codex :D
JudasIscariot: No, I didn't test the game way, way, way, way back when. I actually grabbed the final version of the game the night before and I've been trying to get my head wrapped around being an assassin :D
Ah alright then! Good luck with your playthrough!

I'm probably going to try the diplomacy playthrough first whenever I'm going to get the game =)
Crosmando: Last I played this, the combat was such that playing a multi-skilled character is almost a death sentence, at least for Imperial Guard and Mercenary. Though I do remember playing a minmax 10 Perception, 10 Strength Archer build and finishing Teron.
Well, apparently, you should only invest in around 3 skills at the beginning and only add more when you've got a strong and stable character.
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Sounds and looks great so far, and with very reasonable system requirements too. That's a breath of fresh air.

Would love to know why developers and publishers leave GOG out of their advertising though.
No mention of us anywhere.
Can't sell something that people don't realize is there to buy.
If they don't care about selling here, will they care about updates here?
Updates have been my biggest gripe with GOG lately. :/
It looks incredible. Good thing I have other RPGs to keep me well fed until I can get my hands on this one, it certainly has jumped to the top of the WL though (well, it didn't surpass Tie Fighter!) I only found out about this game some months ago, but my excitement for it is already POPPING.
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