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Which side are you on, general?

Sudden Strike 1, 2 & 3, the RTS series that perfectly captured the chaotic intensity of WW2, are now available, DRM-Free on, with a 25% bundle discount. Anyone who pre-ordered or will pre-order <span class="bold">Sudden Strike 4</span>, will receive all three of them for free.

<span class="bold">Sudden Strike Gold</span> ets you command Russian, German, French, American and British forces during its WW2-inspired campaign. With destructible terrain and epic battles featuring hundreds of units in every scenario, it kicked off the series with confidence.

<span class="bold">Sudden Strike 2 Gold</span> continued that legacy, adding the Japanese armies to the mix, and spicing things up with more vehicular action and the war spreading to the Pacific.

<span class="bold">Sudden Strike 3</span> made the transition to 3D, letting you co-ordinate aerial, naval, and land-based attacks, expanding the size of the massive maps even further. Its advanced AI will become your best ally, when executing your tactics with the huge armies under your command.

Buy all three together for a 25% bundle discount, until Friday, August 4, 1 PM UTC.

NOTE: While still not entirely devoid of technical hiccups, these versions of the celebrated classics have been tweaked to work better in today's machines. You can expect added CD audio to SS 1, 2, and Resource War, restored editors for SS 3 and Last Stand, and a more stable performance for SS 2.
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These releases strike me as nice :-)
...suddently GOG strikes again
Nice, loved the original Sudden Strike.
Seems nice played only sudden strike 2 back in the day,now system requirements seemed to change for these old games and i still have the same pc as when i played it first.What is up with that?
You can play them on modern computers but not on the same computer i have that i played this game before.
I know i am the black sheep with a really old pc,hopefully i will get a better pc soon if not i will have to buy one when i can.
Are the Sudden Strike games inferior to the Blitzkrieg games, or just similar ? I guess both have their supporters.
Sudden Strike is Real Time Tactics not Real Time Strategy. ;)
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avatar NOTE: While still not entirely devoid of technical hiccups, these versions of the celebrated classics have been tweaked to work better in today's machines.
Does this mean GOG has broken Windows XP compatibility or more issues should be expected while running the games on Wine?
finaly some classic addition to the library,nice release
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My problem with these kind of games is that they usually boast of you being able to 'do it your way' when in fact there is only one possible solution, with minor variations, for each scenario. The whole game becomes a trial-and-error grind where you gradually narrow it down to the one correct strategy for each map.
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Well, it's not the beginning of the series. SS is actually a third part :)

This is the true first one:

For some reasons they decided to rename it form Counter Action to Sudden Strike at some point. Counter Action is closed to the original Russian title, but I guess doesn't sound in English as good.
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avatar ...
There is an odd glitch on the Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory download page. It lists two installer files:

Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory (Part 1 of 2) 1.4 730 MB
Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory (Part 2 of 2) 1.4 732 MB

Yet, both of these two files have exactly the same filename, "setup_sudden_strike_3_1.4_(13593).exe". So which one is the correct one, or is there some bin file missing, or what?

EDIT: I reported this also to support.

EDIT2: It seems to be fixed now, there is only one installer file now on the download page.
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Just a genuinely ignorant and non-offensive question:

- Why is GOG shoveling his Galaxy Client into the installers? Felt like the games should be stupidly lightweight and awesomely compressed as always has been with 'classics' but now, out of nowhere and for some bizarre reason now they feel "dirty" and weight a lot more than they should. Why? Because the client is INSIDE, and weights A TON. (inb4 "yo! 2TB HDD is dirty cheap! haha git gud!!1" THAT'S NOT THE CASE)

I sincerely don't like this newly, "genious" form of advertising a client... as I don't see the need to.

I don't know if it has been said already, but... really! >:O
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Maverick1988: - Why is GOG shoveling his Galaxy Client into the installers?
There's a separate thread for that:

You can still download the classic installers as well, without Galaxy embedded.

I guess GOG's reasoning is that they want to include everything into the installers that is needed to install it successfully and use all its features (for many games Galaxy is needed for multiplayer, and of course cloud saves and achievements). Not that different from including e.g. DirectX runtime libraries blaablaablaa to GOG game installers (those can take quite a lot of extra space too, but you only need to install them once), or how many installers have the FoxIt PDF reader included so that you can read the PDF manuals for the game (unnecessary nowadays, I think at least Windows 10 can read PDFs out of the box right (with Edge?), and also Chrome and such can read them... More relevant back when reading PDF manuals really meant you had to go get Adobe or FoxIt PDF reader separately.

But yeah, I rather also have the installers without extra 120MB Galaxy installer in all my games, hence I only download the classic installers.
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Just curious... why is Sudden Strike 3 not "Gold" like the others? SS3 seems to have the original game plus a sequel. Are we missing possibly a 2nd sequel? It doesn't matter, I'll buy it anyway, but expected maybe SS3 to have "no extras" but indeed it has another game. Cool! I guess! :)
I have question about the ESRB rating of the first game. If this game re-rated would it be Everyon 10+ or Teen what is your thoughs?