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Welcome a hard-hitting Windows DLC to the famous beat ‘em game. Streets Of Rage 4 - Mr. X Nightmare is here, featuring:

· The intimidating and powerful Estel Aguirre as a playable character
· New smashing game modes
· Extra moves and weapons to keep the battles interesting
· Exclusive tracks by Tee Lopes

Until 28th July 2021, 10 PM UTC, this DLC is available 15% off.

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Bought and playing right now!

Yeah baby!
Oh, yeah!!!
No kangaroo, no buy
I was looking forward to this ever since it has been announced. This is going to be fun! :)
Will Linux and Mac OS builds be available or is this DLC Windows exclusive?
wolfsite: Will Linux and Mac OS builds be available or is this DLC Windows exclusive?
As of now Windows is the only OS where the DLC shows up in my library.
Oooh, swordfish fighting. This one reminds me so much of my time at the arcades back in the day. Goes into my ever-growing wishlist.
EDIT: LOL damn, I thought this was the main game, but it's the DLC, then maybe I should wishlist the base game first!
Post edited July 15, 2021 by gog2002x
I still have to play the base game, but as I know it's one of the best titles in the genre recenly, more is better!
"Exclusive tracks by Tee Lopes"

Make sure you pick up the DRM soundtrack on amazon streaming.
Great release. Although I still think Streets Of Rage 1 is one of the best. :D
Wolf904: No kangaroo, no buy
I'm surprised that Kangaroo isn't part of the game. Maybe for DLC?
Wolf904: No kangaroo, no buy
Wolf904: No kangaroo, no buy
Ooh, thank you! Will buy the DLC now. :D
low rated
Does this mean if i buy it i'll finally find a character that is more badass than blaze?