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Play the latest History Expansion for the popular World War 2 real-time strategy set on the Eastern Front. Steel Division 2: Burning Baltics is now available on GOG.COM along with a set of cool discounts on Steel Division 2 titles.

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Is the free dlc "Steel Division 2 - Reinforcement Pack #10 - Tannenberg" coming today too?
That is one nice, action packed trailer. May have to wishlist this one, even if my list is too long as it is lol.
• $13.59 • -66% • Steel Division 2
• $17.49 • -50% • Steel Division 2 - History Pass
• $20.39 • -66% • Steel Division 2 - Commander Deluxe Edition
• $23.79 • -66% • Steel Division 2 - General Deluxe Edition
• $27.19 • -66% • Steel Division 2 - Total Conflict Edition
Does anyone have the Commander Deluxe upgrade and is it worth it? I only play offline and have everything other than that and I was just wondering your thoughts if it adds much to the SP experience.

Gylfe: Does anyone have the Commander Deluxe upgrade and is it worth it? I only play offline and have everything other than that and I was just wondering your thoughts if it adds much to the SP experience.

I owned the bonus stuff since I own the game, was looking at it the first time for real now you asked this question.
Keep in mind I only play occasionally and are new to the series, a Steel Division nut may have different feelings about it. After making the list and thinking a while about it, I don't need any of this, If I were short on cash I don't think I'd pay the 7.00 to 8.50€ difference to the normal version, while on sale that is. However, since this is a niche genre and a dedicated developer, I'm still OK with supporting them by picking the more expensive version back then.
Since I started playing basic mod support was added, which does not rely on Steam, and the option to deploy your troops automatically at the start of a battle. Which cuts down on planning time, in my case, tremendously. So appreciated.

Details as follows:
• Battle Log (is a nice touch!)
Provides historical information on how certain maps came to play historically and what tactical advantages they hold, in text.

• Streaming Overlays (not for me)
Basically two transparent .png files with the game title for use while streaming the game to others.

• Tactical Guide (may be helpful to beginners, should have found this earlier)
A guide explaining tactical options in detail, regarding game modes and specific unit types, what they can do, how to use them effectively, etc. Looks helpful for those uninitiated, which I still count myself to.
For general information on how the game works, I'd still stick to the website:

• Technical Sheets (for fans, it looks nice, but is not needed in any way)
Technical specs on a few tanks, together with their character models on a single page, shown from different angles.
Specs are for the tanks T-34 and Tiger E and for the planes IL2 and FW190.

• Artbook (it is nice, but not needed)
It's an artbook, showing off a few concepts and models, accompanied by general information from the developers, about what they were aiming for, regarding scenery, weapons, menus, tactical information, lighting, destruction and so on. Information provided are not very detailed though. However, it comes through that whoever wrote this cared about the feel of the game.

• Wallpapers (OK, but nothing too crazy)
Showing off a few tanks and troops in heroic battle poses while smoke is rising in the background. The game title large at center top and the developer logo, Eugen Systems, at center bottom.

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Edit 2 about 20 minutes later: Fixed mentioned price difference, as I noticed just now there is a diference with buying the pack with the game right away and just upgrading afterwards.
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Lol, they removed the swastika on the soldier's collar.
Awww, so many DLCs...

I'd like to buy it but then I'd want to buy all the small DLCs as well, instead of going through all of them trying to figure out which DLCs I want and which not.

This is one of those cases where I keep postponing buying a game when it is scattered to so many smaller pieces, and buying them all would be quite a big amount of money. 160€, or does that include different overlapping editions of the game as well? In that case I'd need a buyer's guide, which parts of the deal to buy, in order to have the complete gaming content.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to do without for now. Maybe later.
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