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Rule the stars your way.

<span class="bold">Star Ruler 2</span>, a near-infinite space 4X-RTS hybrid, is available now for Windows and Linux, DRM-free on!

<span class="bold">Star Ruler 2</span> is the sequel to 2010 supremely ambitious space 4X-RTS hybrid. It was a game that featured nearly limitless galaxies with thousands of systems, bound only by the capabilities of the PC you played it on. The massive 4X returns now better than ever. It seeks to revolutionise the genre with its fresh take on tired gameplay elements, that includes Diplomacy which ties into all of the game's mechanics, affecting the state of the universe in meaningful ways. A complex galactic economy, custom ship designs, intricate research mechanics, and full modability grant <span class="bold">Star Ruler 2</span> the potential to become the next timeless space 4X! You can find more interesting tidbits on the unique design choices in the game in the official developer diaries.

Rule the stars through force, politics, or just buy it all out. A limitless galaxy of choice in <span class="bold">Star Ruler 2</span> - available now, DRM-free on!
JudasIscariot: So I have a question about the game as I have yet to play it myself :)

How many ways can you reach the end goal of a given campaign? Can I use subterfuge and/or diplomacy or do I have to use brute force to win? Is there a race that is better suited for sabotage/spying/stealing technology? Can you steal race-specific tech and use it for yourself like in Distant Worlds?

Don't get me wrong, I am planning to give the game a good shake at home but I figured I'd ask beforehand :D
There are three ways to win a game of Star Ruler 2: Exterminate all other races, Subjugate all other Races (or be a Vassal to an Empire which subjugates all the other races for a Minor Victory), or, if you've set a time limit on the game, have the most points at the end of the game (Masters always win before their Vassals, even if their vassals have more points than they do).

We have cards which accomplish things like sabotaging fleets and cards which annex planets and systems - you don't need to have a strong military to take over the galaxy if you can pull enough weight in the Senate over enough time.

Though you could conceivably steal other race's technologies, they would unfortunately provide your race no benefit most of the time. Having your Habitats gain extra firepower and hitpoints is great if you're the Nylli (Star Children) but the Hoonan (Linked) don't have access to Habitats in the first place.
Firgof: The game does function on some XP builds, but we're not able to determine which - a recent update broke compatibility in a location that doesn't provide us much information - and we no longer have access to any debugging tools for WinXP (and Virtual Machine emulation unfortunately isn't an option there either).

Thus, we raised our system requirements a few weeks ago to Vista and later for now as we can no longer guarantee XP support. We'll be e-mailing GOG today to get them to update that on the store page accordingly.

You can join our IRC with any client, yes.

Chatroom: #starruler
Well, since you are a 3-dev shop I guess I can't expect you to waste time debugging on XP for wankers like me who insist on everything supporting it. That being said, it wouldn't be the first non-XP game I have bought so I will probably buy this after I see what is offered tomorrow.

Also thanks. When I play I will have mIRC on my other screen.
Matruchus: Just a tiny fleet :)
yogsloth: You've got to be shitting me with this.
Nope as much as I understand similar to AI War you are limited only to what your hardware can do.
marlowe221: Just an FYI, those saying that this game is "like Homeworld" are way off base.

Yeah, the fleets kinda look like Homeworld when you zoom WAY in on them and the game is in real time and is set in space.

But that is where the similarities end.

This is a 4X strategy game that happens to be real time as opposed to turn based. The game can be paused at any time and you can issue orders that will be carried out once you un-pause the game. The game speed can be adjusted up or down freely to the player's taste. For those who have played Paradox titles like EU4 or Crusader Kings, the time function works pretty much the same way.

Otherwise, this is a space 4X game. You colonize planets, get resources, research technologies, engage in diplomacy etc. Your goal is to wipe out the opposition and rule the galaxy (or universe if you set your game to contain multiple galaxies).

This is a great game (I got it on Steam) and it does some really innovative things in the 4X genre. If you're a 4X fan you should buy this game; it's worth every penny.

I write/edit/etc. for a 4X site called Explorminate. Here is our review of the game: [url=]!Star-Ruler-2/c15kj/551447ff0cf215f35a1c3507[/url]. Our site contains no ads and the staff are all volunteers who love 4X games. Come see what Star Ruler 2 is all about.
The link to the review of Star Ruler 2 on your site doesn't work.

Working link here: <span class="bold">!Star-Ruler-2/c15kj/551447ff0cf215f35a1c3507</span>

Otherweise you have a really nice site. Been following you for some time.

You are missing one game on your 4x list though:
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Nice, will definitely pick it up once I finish with Pillars of Eternity.
Matruchus: Just a tiny fleet :)
That looks like bright lights from a huge concert. :P
This is the 4X game I've been waiting for! The mechanics are a true breath of fresh air in a stale genre! I just can't believe it slipped my radar thanks GOG! I'm head over heels with it!!!
My first thought on seeing this:

This better not be another one of those damn April Fools things!

Seems legit though.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Another game I was looking at just a few days ago with disappointment because it only had a Steam version. What are the coincidences??
zgwortz: So yes, seeing a Linux version and not a Mac version *is* an odd combination. I see very few games released this way. In fact, going through GOG, there are only 7 games out of roughly 250 Linux games which are Windows and Linux only -- ALL the rest support Mac as well.
Especially since much of the effort, skills and knowledge necessary to port a game to Linux can also be applied to porting it to the Mac, given the shared technological base between Linux and OS X. This also holds true for games ported to the Mac first; after the Mac port, a Linux version is pretty easy.
liamphoenix: My first thought on seeing this:

This better not be another one of those damn April Fools things!

Seems legit though.
It's legit :P
Instabought! Nice 4x game!
Pewpewchewchew did an LP of an earlier version of the game last summer. Good to watch if you have questions or want to just see what gameplay is like.
Emob78: Pewpewchewchew did an LP of an earlier version of the game last summer. Good to watch if you have questions or want to just see what gameplay is like.
Eeeeeh. The game has evolved a lot since PPCC did that video. I would take most things you see in there with a grain of salt if not a whole handful.

I'd recommend these instead:

If you'd like to see how the game has evolved over Early Access though, it'd probably be fun to compare these with that one. PPCC recorded his LP just a few weeks after we got onto Early Access and these videos were made after we transitioned to release.
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To the linux with no Mac thing I agree make it for all three please. Also GOG in your infinite wisdom please make flat out Mac compatible if possible.