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Rule the stars your way.

<span class="bold">Star Ruler 2</span>, a near-infinite space 4X-RTS hybrid, is available now for Windows and Linux, DRM-free on GOG.com!

<span class="bold">Star Ruler 2</span> is the sequel to 2010 supremely ambitious space 4X-RTS hybrid. It was a game that featured nearly limitless galaxies with thousands of systems, bound only by the capabilities of the PC you played it on. The massive 4X returns now better than ever. It seeks to revolutionise the genre with its fresh take on tired gameplay elements, that includes Diplomacy which ties into all of the game's mechanics, affecting the state of the universe in meaningful ways. A complex galactic economy, custom ship designs, intricate research mechanics, and full modability grant <span class="bold">Star Ruler 2</span> the potential to become the next timeless space 4X! You can find more interesting tidbits on the unique design choices in the game in the official developer diaries.

Rule the stars through force, politics, or just buy it all out. A limitless galaxy of choice in <span class="bold">Star Ruler 2</span> - available now, DRM-free on GOG.com!
Just yesterday I sent an email to the developers asking them to release this on GOG. I am glad their reply came in this form lol.

Well done. I am going to buy it in a couple of hours when I return.
Looks WAAAAAAAAYYYY cool but man I can't push that price now. I can wait. :D
Is this another one of those April Fools threads?
This screenshot is a nice screenshot.
ZFR: Is this another one of those April Fools threads?
Uh no :P
Telika: This screenshot is a nice screenshot.
Unfortunately that's not from game. That's downtown traffic during the evening rush hour in New York City.
Deja vu of Starpoint Gemini 2. Both games have a name that begin with Star, were brought to GOG a bit after the release on other sites and both of those games are missing their prequel here. :P
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How come gog is not trollin' today? It's april fool's.
With the style of game and galactic scale this game is it reminds me a lot of Sins of a Solar Empire, which I've always wanted here...

Until Stardock accepts non-Steam and DRM-free for more than just Galactic Civ 1 this will do nicely :)
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Didn't even know they made a sequel :/ I really liked the first one tho, why isn't that one here too ? Or is that coming as well ?
Looks definitely better than its prequel, but in the end it's just another Homeworld-esque SOTSE-like space RTS. There are better options on the horizon for 4X lovers (hope see them on GOG): Lord of Rigel, StarLife, Stars In Shadow, Predestination. M.O.R.E. (though they all are TBS).
Telika: This screenshot is a nice screenshot.
Uh.. anyway I don't know anything about this title.

EDIT: thanks Rodor for the comment.
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tinyE: Looks WAAAAAAAAYYYY cool but man I can't push that price now. I can wait. :D
Yeah, I agree. It looks pretty cool, but it's way too expensive.
No Mac Version but a Linux Version? Very strange ...