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An undying addiction.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 is now available, DRM-free on
Those space undead sure did a number on the galaxy. Now new factions emerge, as scavengers and opportunists band together to survive this unpredictable, ever-changing world. Customize your mothership, fight away pirates, and start your own outfit to rise above the other 200 captains roaming this chaotic galaxy.

Note from the devs: "SPAZ 2 is not a direct sequel to SPAZ 1. It is a new game with brand new gameplay mechanics but is set in the same universe with the same cast. SPAZ 2 is themed around scavenging and survival and the mechanics reflect that".

Watch the trailer.
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At last its here... now to see how my wallet is feeling.
Why this useless update video for a new release?
damn, this crept up on me. well, i loved the first so i'm going to get this as well.
Cool beans. Still need to play part 1 though. ;)
Been waiting for this!
Zoidberg: Why this useless update video for a new release?
Try this one:
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Zoidberg: Why this useless update video for a new release?
viperfdl: Try this one:
A bit better, thanks!

Not for me then. :P
To buy or not to buy: that is the question.

Gonna hit up youtube later, to see how gameplay really looks. Really enjoyed the first game so I have high hopes for this one.

Edit: I should stay away from youtube. Buyded it.
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I have read bad things, I have read good things... I'll give them benefit of doubt, for the sake of the first game.
Looks too little like space for me but I am sure that is a pro to many a prospective buyer.
huan: I have read bad things, I have read good things... I'll give them benefit of doubt, for the sake of the first game.
Aaaand... I may have burned myself this time. I gave it 3 hours, and it seems the bad reviews were closer to the truth. The combat is highly confusing. I still have no idea why I have been constantly losing one battle (my threat level 5 vs enemy bandit TL 8), and winning another one. Forget about rogue galaxy tactical combat. If there is some tactics, it's well hidden. Different shield bars facing different directions so I could choose which side should get the heavy punishment? Nope. Get out of range of enemy weapons and lick my wounds? Not a chance. Default mode is top-down which shows maybe few meters around my ship. I could switch to cockpit view with RMB which is slightly better, but stil confusing. Tutorial suggests waiting until enemy ships are reloading - I never saw such opportunity yet (maybe because the awareness of overal combat situation is awful) So far the best method to combat I found is to mark each enemy in turn as a target, let my ship+fighters throw everything at it automatically and hope for the best. I'll try to reread the tutorial again, and see if I understand this time how reloading and various boosts are supposed to work together to have some control over combat result.

Aside from combat, there isn't really much else to do. Fly around, pick scraps, scan for bits of history that complement the story of original SPAZ.

Edit: after few more hours the combat is starting to make sense. Critical part of combat awareness is the mouse wheel which doesn't zoom, it both zooms and changes perspective between top-down and behind-the-tail. Somewhere between the two extremes is a position that usually works well enough. TL is pretty critical measure - TL10 vs TL11 and I couldn't get any damage through enemy shields (though I have few ideas what I could try).

It doesn't look like it will be fantastic game, but it's not completely wasted money.
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No excitement -- only a dozen of comments for the first 24h... how come? Hopefully the game sells well (or sold well in the early access?)
I don't think this was available on GOG when I first saw SPAZ 2 in early access on Steam. Which is too bad because I'd rather have bought it here, obviously. XD

This was good in early access and so far (maybe 5 hours in) it's been great. I personally recommend this title for anyone who enjoys space games, doesn't mind a postponement of realism but is happy with a dose of sci-fi. And anyone who doesn't mind a game that isn't trying to take itself too seriously as there's a fair amount of humor spread about. Most of said humor won't get you falling out of your chair anytime soon but it's amusing nonetheless.

The ship customization is great. There's enough variety in factions (though shallow) to find one to align yourself with until you make your own faction later. So far the pacing of the game has been pretty good too, introducing you to new game mechanics at a steady but measured pace.

Cons? In the longer term things may start to feel a bit too similar and you will start to exhaust the bulk of available game mechanics. I would peg that at 40+ hours in for most who are at least enjoying the game from the get go. I expect many will get far more than 40+ hours out of it though, considering the massive variety of ship configuration options alone.
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Just bought the game, initial impressions are good. The 3D camera is a nice addition, you don't need to play SPAZ 1 to know the story, the intro does a small recap, voiced dialogues and very smooth gameplay / controls.

On the technical side, the game runs on Unity and (on Linux) comes with a 64bit only binary. Overall a nice improvement over the original (which is also great) and at a modest price :-)
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